Züs Full Testing | Weekly Debrief — February 15, 2023

Tiago Souza
February 15, 2023
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Züs Full Testing
Züs Full Testing

Züs Full Testing | Mainnet Update

Active Set continues on Züs full testing. We had a stuck chain issue in the last few days due to incorrect transaction type cost settings. The exciting news is that even with the issue, the team issued a hotfix that unstuck the network and updated the settings on-chain. This real-world scenario demonstrates the chain’s resilience. Even with unexpected abnormalities due to the bad configs, the chain was able to return to normal.

Meanwhile, the team continues performing internal load tests, which are ongoing as new pieces of code are merged. They also continued investigating the partition bug in a parallel load test while fixing other remaining issues.

Storm of the Week

Cointelegraph posted an intriguing article about some concerns about the evolving Metaverse: “The ethics of the metaverse: Privacy, ownership and control.” In the article, they raised ethical issues about our data privacy, ownership, and control. Decentralized solutions like Züs could help prevent data abuse.

It is no wonder that by adopting the Metaverse, we should be concerned with how businesses will handle our data to avoid abuse. With increased privacy, decentralized storage could help distribute the data across different entities, making it much more difficult for businesses to misuse personal data. 

With all activities transparent on the blockchain, businesses can be held accountable for abusing our privacy when gathering or misusing personal data. Also, with increased security, we can feel more protected and carefree on the Metaverse without worrying that our personal data will be leaked or be the target of hackers. The Metaverse should be a space where users feel comfortable experiencing a new universe, with their pseudonyms, without worrying about being linked to their real identities. 

As for ownership, possibilities are limitless. With the rise of NFTs, decentralized storage could offer more control over their digital assets, intellectual property, and tokens, giving users absolute control over their assets. Furthermore, with solutions like DAOs, the Metaverse can be governed fairly, given the right economic incentives to thrive, and prevent censorship or unnecessary regulation.

Blockchain Team Update:

The blockchain team has been very busy working on bug fixes. Last week, they continued investigating the large network stuck issue and fixing some old PRs. Because of another issue related to a load test bug, the network got stuck again so that it will be redeployed shortly. The team is more confident now that the bug is caused by the partition package and will add more detailed logs to check where it could go wrong. In this manner, they could put effort into closing other issues while awaiting the logs from the load test.

They worked on an old PR to close the remaining issues related to system test errors and fixing potential issues on providers sending transactions without providing fees. However, now these txns would fail without tokens, which is another reason why the system tests are failing. Also, the team closed another PR, which will emit and update the event database on genesis blocks. They also fixed the genesis block re-entry issue from the ‘stuck-debug’ branch. Before this PR, even the providers were initialized with tokens on the genesis block. Still, the API for checking the client balance would all return an empty record as the team did not update the events database on the genesis block.

Main PRs and issues were closed:

Some SDK clients do not yet support allocation file options, so until it is added, the team would add an indication to mention if the client changed file options. So, until it is added, they will add an indication to say if the client actually changed file options or not. Check here (1 and 2) for related PRs on client ends.

The team fixed the user event merge issue that was caused, mentioned in the previous week. The main issue was that the event’s data were merged, but the event process used wrong data fields. Moreover, they deducted cancellation charges from the write pool when the client cancels allocation. Previously, the charges were not issued at all.

Also, the blockchain team updated the blobber API to use a consistent time for checking the healthy status. In addition, they fixed the event database migration script issue. The database migration process failed due to an incorrect sql file name.

Furthermore, the dev team fixed the split keys feature on mobile. Added ‘zcncore.GetUserLockedTotal’ to get total locked tokens of a client and a download status bar for wasm, and an API to get replicate user aggregates from sharders.

Lastly, the team improved ‘GetUSD’ to fetch data from providers concurrently and resty package and removed the allocation name from wasmsdk.

Read Züs’ most recent article:

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