AI Under Scrutiny: How Züs Decentralized Storage Paves a Safer Path

Tiago Souza
November 30, 2023
Decentralized Cloud Storage

AI Under Scrutiny

Storm of the Week | AI Under Scrutiny

AI Under Scrutiny | Safeguarding the Future: How Züs Makes AI Secure

This week, an insightful article on CIO Influence featured Züs, shedding light on AI’s rapid growth and its extensive influence across various industries. Authored by our CEO Saswata Basu, the article explores the challenges accompanying the swift adoption of AI technologies, with a special focus on security and privacy risks. AI is currently under scrutiny. It emphasizes the vital role of Züs’ decentralized storage in addressing these emerging concerns.

The rise of AI and GPT technology has revolutionized the way we interact with technology, offering unprecedented capabilities in generating diverse responses across media. However, this rapid development has also brought forth significant challenges in data security. Our project is at the forefront of addressing these concerns, using decentralized storage to ensure data integrity and security.

Explore the article and our role in shaping AI’s future here.

Züs’ Decentralized Storage: Four Key Strategies for AI Security

Following our feature in CIO Influence, let’s explore how Züs’ decentralized storage effectively counters the security challenges of AI:

Data Distribution:

Züs’ decentralized approach spreads data across multiple nodes, significantly reducing the risk of large-scale breaches and enhancing the security backbone of AI systems.

Advanced Encryption:

This critical layer of protection ensures that data, even if accessed, remains secure and unusable to unauthorized entities, maintaining the integrity essential for AI.

Blockchain-Backed Immutability:

By leveraging blockchain technology, Züs guarantees the immutability of data, providing a reliable and tamper-proof foundation for AI operations.

Enhanced Privacy:

Züs’ decentralized storage minimizes exposure to vulnerabilities seen in centralized systems, strengthening both data security and user privacy.

These strategic implementations by Züs are pivotal in shaping a secure AI future and addressing current and emerging digital landscape challenges.

Mainnet Update

After encountering a few setbacks with bugs, our team has diligently resolved most issues. We are now rigorously testing both the blockchain and our applications in a controlled test environment. This is a crucial phase to ensure top functionality before proceeding with the launch. As of now, we haven’t set a definitive date for starting the blockchain, as it remains a day-to-day decision. However, we are optimistic about commencing operations in the coming days. We truly appreciate the patience and support of our community during this phase.

Blockchain Update

Technical Insights: Ongoing Developments and Solutions

  • False Mint Issue: We’ve identified instances of false minting in multiple areas and are actively working to resolve this issue.
  • DEX Deployment Issue: An issue has emerged with the deployment of the DEX in the testnet, affecting both web apps and backend deployment. Further investigation is planned.
  • gosdk PR: Modifications have been made to address excessive requests in gosdk.
  • Web-apps PR: Updates to web-apps include submitting transactions to 10 percent of miners for enhanced performance. A pull request has been submitted with these changes.
  • Bridge-import-account: Introduced an address_index option to the bridge-import-account command for selecting specific addresses, enhancing usability.
  • Alchemy Gas Estimate Fee API: Reviewed and confirmed the pricing details of the Alchemy gas estimate fee API; it will be included in the plan at the same cost as other APIs.
  • Blimp S3 Server: Comprehensive testing of the Blimp S3 server confirmed its functionality.
  • Additional Changes: Implemented various improvements and fixes across multiple repositories, including gosdk, zwalletcli, and web apps.
  • bip32 Option: Added the bip32 option for account importing along the bip32 path.
  • Web-apps Native Sharders: Addressed the issue of excessive calls in web-apps native sharders.
  • Blimp Testing: Focused testing on Blimp, especially the S3 server. Addressed and resolved a double popup scenario and memory-related failures. Ongoing monitoring of server stability and performance.
  • Chimney/Blimp Testing: Successfully deployed servers, funded blobbers and validators, performed staking, and created allocations in Blimp. Files and directories are uploaded, with challenges being passed and rewards accumulated.
  • iOS Bolt Testing: Examined iOS bolt functionalities, specifically the send token feature. Identified and resolved a transaction issue related to wallet data cleanup.

Moving Forward with Confidence | AI Under Scrutiny

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of AI and blockchain technology, our progress and insights, including the significant recognition in CIO Influence, reinforce our commitment to innovation and security. We thank our community for their ongoing support and look forward to sharing more milestones in our journey ahead.

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