Cloud Storage Economy.

Empowering a Decentralized Cloud

Züs incentivizes providers to have good servers and network quality, offer free reads, and have storage consumption.

What is ZCN?.

ZCN is a cryptocurrency. Use it to buy storage or stake on a service provider.


Store = Stake.

For every byte of data stored on Züs, a corresponding amount of ZCN must be locked on the client and staked on the service providerThe “Store = Stake” is a linear relationship between Züs storage and ZCN tokens. This means that as more storage is consumed on the network, more ZCN is locked on the blockchain

An Incentive to Scale.

ZCN incentivizes storage consumption through block rewards, delegation, and staking

Block Rewards

Low inflation every epoch.

ZCN Total Supply Cap Reached Over Time


With every year a new epoch begins. With every new epoch, the block reward issuance rate is reduced by 10% that of the previous year, an ongoing deflationary mechanism until the maximum ZCN supply cap of 400,000,000 ZCN is reached.