Blobber Staking.

All Service Providers must stake ZCN on their server. The Active Set (Miners and Sharders) and Blobbers have a similar staking process with slight differences.

Blobber Staking

A Blobber stores files for a client in exchange for a payment in ZCN.

Prior to starting the storage service, the client and blobber agree on the payment amount, size of the allocation, and duration which is fixed by the network to a year. The terms of this agreement are written into a smart contract transaction with deposits from both the client and blobber locked in their respective pools. The tokens move from the client write pool to the blobber when the latter passes challenges over the duration of the storage service.

Read the documentation below for more details on the storage protocol

Miner & Sharder Staking.

Miners generate, validate, and notarize blocks, while Sharders maintain the history of the blockchain. Together they represent a group of network nodes, referred to as the Active Set.


Each member of the Active Set is required to collateralize their node with a minimum of 50,000 ZCN stake for the first year of mainnet. Each member of the Active Set generates earnings on transaction fees and block rewards.

To learn more about how the token economics work for Züs works, you can read the whitepaper below.