Earn rewards for growing the cloud.

Rent or turn your unused server capacity into income by simply connecting it to Züs. Use your ZCN to stake on the Blobbers.

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Plug in & earn
Turn your spare storage into income. The Chimney app can get your server up and running on Züs in just a few clicks.
Calculate Your Earnings:
Blobber price discount relative to AWS



Number of Blobbers


Staked Server Capacity



ZCN price


Annual Earning Potential:$0or
Return on Principal:0.00% APR
Relevant Data:
Total Blobber RewardsTotal Staked on NetworkAverage RewardTotal Staked Capacity on NetworkCost of AWS equivalentWrite Price per TB per YearRental Cost per TB per YearAllocated CapacityUsed CapacityTotal Client LockTotal Blobber Stake
0 PB$0.00 /TB/year
0 /TB/year
$0.00 /year0 TB0 TB

Want to learn more about the rewards?.

There are many ways you can earn rewards in the Züs ecosystem. Read our Token Economics document to learn more about our sustainable rewards model for a Blobber. You get income from clients paying to store data on your server and for validating challenges, and additionally, from the network for providing capacity.

Self Stake



80% Delegate Stake

This explains the staking mechanics

Want to add Servers to the Network?.

Getting your servers connected to our network is straightforward. Just use the Chimney app and make sure your server has the minimum requirements below.

Server Specifications:

The link below will help you get set up.

Stake & Earn

Stake & Earn.

Want to Earn without becoming a Storage Provider? On the Bolt app you can delegate ZCN to other active Storage Providers and earn alongside them.



Charts, maps, leaderboards, protocol-wide storage rates, and much more. The Atlus explorer displays all of the latest activity on the Züs Cloud Network.

Service Providers Information.

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