Earn as a Delegate.

Any ZCN holder may delegate their tokens to a Service Provider to receive a portion of the earnings

How It Works.

Blobber Delegation

How It Works

Blobber Delegation.

A blobber with more stake has a chance to receive a larger share of the block reward. Hence, a blobber has an incentive to accept outside delegation. A ZCN holder may delegate tokens to any blobber that is accepting delegations.

How it Works

Miner & Sharder Delegation.

For the first phase of mainnet (Fuji), there will be 20 nodes in the Active Set (15 Miners and 5 Sharders) that will receive delegation from any ZCN holder. Each node will have 100 delegation slots. Each slot will have a minimum and maximum ZCN staking requirement. Each provider deducts their service fee before they distribute their earnings to their delegates.

Miner & Sharder Delegation

Delegation Tools.

ZCN holders can stake via the Bolt wallet app or the CLI.