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Züs is ideal for backup and disaster recovery to prevent outage, breach, and privacy issues. It has an unparalleled data integrity layer on the blockchain, and distributed controls and keys for data protection. Compatible with S3 and Fuse storage, it can also be used for securing AI data, storing blockchain history and NFTs, logs, analytics, application data, videos and pictures.


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Personal Storage

Empower your digital life with Vult Personal Storage! Own the keys to your data and take ultimate control over your storage space. Explore tips, guides, and insights on leveraging secure, decentralized storage to safeguard your digital assets.


Unlock the power of secure, decentralized storage with Blimp for Enterprises! Discover how businesses can leverage our storage solutions to enhance data security, operational efficiency, and performance at a lower cost.


Bring your NFTs to life with Chalk! Explore creative ways to market, showcase, and elevate your NFTs using our secure and decentralized storage platform. Immerse yourself in the world of NFTs with insights and trends.
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