In recent years, Decentralized storage system has seen quite a rise between organizations, developers, and consumers. The lack of flexibility, transparency, and high cost are major reasons why companies are shifting from traditional centralized storage solutions to decentralized storage technology. Unlike a centralized storage solution that holds all your confidential data in one place, decentralized […]

Züs (formerly 0Chain), a decentralized storage network, and UREEQA, a revolutionary platform that helps creators protect, manage and monetize their creative work are pleased to announce a working collaboration to integrate Züs’ decentralized storage layer. This partnership has the potential to enhance NFT value and fix current issues in the minting and distributing phases of […]

The hacking problem Security and storage for social media are in need of fixing. Many people are already aware of the recent Twitter hack which involved nearly 130 prominent figures’ accounts sending out tweets requesting Bitcoin payments. Even though the hackers only received around $120,000 in Bitcoin. This number continues to appreciate due to BTC […]