Low inflation every epoch.

ZCN Supply Schedule

Pre-Mainnet Supply

  • Token Sale

    Token Sale allocation (Q1 2018).

  • Team

    Team allocation vested since 2018 over 4 years.

  • Future Development

    Future development of core Züs protocols, tools, and apps.

  • Future Incentives

    Retained by team for future incentives

  • Ecosystem

    For immediate use to grow the Züs ecosystem

  • Reserve

    Reserve with vesting provisions

Inflationary Supply (Block Rewards)

  • Miners & Sharders

    Miner & Sharder block rewards.

  • Free Storage

    Free storage for Züs adoption.

  • Blobbers & Validators

    Storage Provider block rewards

  • Wifi Validators

    Magma/WiFi validation block rewards