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Blockchain storage solutions are likely to become the norm

Lori Bowers
November 16, 2022
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As web3 and the decentralized web continue to gain adoption, it is essential to consider the implications for data storage.  Centralized storage solutions like iCloud and Dropbox have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they come with a number of security and privacy risks.  In contrast, blockchain-based storage is much more resistant to hacks and data leaks.  Since data is stored in an encrypted format, it is only accessible to those with the proper decryption key.  As the decentralized web continues to grow, blockchain-based storage solutions are likely to become the norm.  

When it comes to data security, one of the best solutions is to divide data into multiple encrypted segments that are interlinked via a hashing function.  This makes it more difficult for sophisticated hackers to access the data, as they would need to decrypt each segment individually.  With hackers seemingly able to access any database, it can be hard to know who to trust with your information. 

Blockchain storage may offer a solution.

However, blockchain-based storage may offer a solution. The public and variable nature of the blockchain allows users to track any changes made to the data. The blockchain cannot be modified without the consensus of the network participants. As a result, this solution provides both security and transparency.  This makes the blockchain an ideal platform for storing data that needs to be immutable.

In the past few years, a number of blockchain startups have entered the cloud storage category, promising improved security, high-speed data access, and regulatory compliance.  As mentioned in the article, “The future of data storage is decentralized,” in Brave NewCoin, one of these startups is Züs (formerly 0Chain).  Which, they raised $40M in a February 2018 initial coin offering (ICO).

Züs claims to offer a ‘zero-knowledge’ cloud storage platform that is highly secure and scalable.  The platform makes use of sharding and replication techniques to achieve high performance and 99.9999% uptime.  Züs also says that its platform is compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations. With its strong team, impressive list of partners, and well-funded ICO, Züs is one blockchain startup to watch in the cloud storage space.  

The Cloud industry is booming.

It is no secret that the cloud industry is booming.  Legacy providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have dominated the market for years.  Now a new breed of startups is starting to establish itself.  Blockchain is one of the most promising areas for innovation.

For cloud storage providers, blockchain-based storage could be used to build a more secure and efficient infrastructure.  For example, blockchain-based smart contracts could automate tasks that are currently performed manually.  So far, legacy providers have been slow to embrace blockchain.  However, as blockchain startups begin to gain ground, it is only a matter of time before they start to take notice.  After all, if there is one thing these companies understand, it is the power of innovation. 

Benefits of Blockchain-based technology. 

Secure and Reliable Decentralized Cloud Storage

Blockchain-based cloud storage is forever changing the way we store and safeguard our data. It provides a massive advantage to store sensitive document, photos and multimedia in a secure and reliable way. Instead of a single server handling the operations blockchain technology enables an encrypted decentralized network which further boosts security by removing third parties involved during transactions.  Thanks to blockchain, our data is encrypted and stored within private networks that are incredibly difficult to breach.  With blockchain cloud storage we can now feel reassured that our data will remain safe and secure with no worry of it being accessed by malicious actors. 

In today’s world where cybercrimes such as identity theft are becoming more common, it is important to make sure no outside sources can infiltrate our systems.  Decentralized cloud storage allows us to do this with minimal effort. Blockchain technologies provide secure encryption of key data points.  This makes hacking into sensitive accounts nearly impossible.  This results in secure storage of all personal information stored on the cloud such as financial records, documents, or photos and videos.  Now we can securely store our life’s most precious moments with peace of mind. With the knowledge that no outside entities will have access to these files without explicit permission from the user. 

Blockchain is Cost-Effective

Business consuming cost-effective technologies has become an essential part of driving profits.  This is blockchain technology excels.  Recent advancements have made it possible to eliminate the need for systems utilizing traditional centralized servers which are costly.  Centralized servers are often vulnerable to threats, and less efficient, secure and faster than ever before.  Decentralized cloud storage significantly decreases IT spending from companies and brings us a future of cost savings.  

IT spending can be a large burden for companies, so having technologies that decrease IT spending can be a welcome change.  With high quality cloud technology, IT professionals no longer have to worry about long-term software investment, expensive IT components, or the time associated with maintenance and upgrading systems.  Companies will have the flexibility to come up with creative IT service solutions.  It is time to look toward the future and embrace the idea of cutting IT costs while improving efficiencies. 

Revolutionize Your Data Storage with Decentralized Cloud Storage Using Blockchain Technology!

Traditional cloud storage solutions are centralized, which means that users have to rely on a single service provider to store and manage their data. However, with the emergence of blockchain technology, decentralized cloud storage solutions have become increasingly popular. By using Züs’ (formerly 0Chain) decentralized cloud storage solution based on blockchain, users can store their data on a network of nodes that are distributed across the world. This eliminates the need for a central authority, making the storage solution more secure, efficient, and cost-effective. With blockchain technology, data is encrypted and stored in a tamper-proof manner, ensuring that it remains safe from unauthorized access or modification. Whether you’re a business owner, a developer, or an individual user, decentralized cloud storage using blockchain technology can offer you a secure and reliable way to store and manage your data.


The Privacy and Anonymity of Blockchain-Based Cloud Storage.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, privacy and anonymity have become things of the past. Such privacy concerns range from financial data to mundane activities that currently tracked digitally. Luckily, blockchain technology offers a ray of hope for people who want privacy for their daily movements and financial transactions. Blockchain provides secure, distributed ledgers where users can track activity without having to be concerned about privacy breaches.  This is especially reassuring to users that transact large amounts of money or enjoy moving around without being noticed. The distributed ledger system helps keep privacy intact while allowing secure access to important information. 

One of the biggest privacy concerns today’s increasingly digitalized world is battling the privacy rights of individuals versus collecting and sharing practices.  A distributed ledger system with cryptographically secure data entry methods is providing to be one of the best privacy solutions.  It allows users to transfer and store their information without sacrificing privacy or anonymity in the process.  This not only gives peace of mind for people who do not want their data collected or shared without permission, but also provides a level of transparency between both parties. This ensures all privacy policies are being honored.

The benefits of blockchain-based storage are clear.  It is likely that we will see more businesses use these technologies in the years to come.  As these solutions offer a number of advantages over traditional storage methods, including security, reliability, and scalability. Additionally, they can help businesses reduce costs and efficiency.  If you are interested in learning more about how blockchain-based storage works or want to start using it in your business, be sure to check out Züs.  

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