Züs Public Launch Update

Tiago Souza
April 11, 2024
News & Updates

Züs community: Here is our latest Züs Public Launch Update. In the past weeks, the team has been working hard to implement the fixes and features after receiving feedback from the community. Most issues have been completed, including optimizing the upload speed to adapt to different internet speeds. These improvements are currently being rigorously tested on our test networks before being rolled out on the Mainnet. We are targeting the next major update release in approximately two weeks, which will kickstart the countdown to our public launch.

As we draw closer to the launch, the excitement within our team and community is palpable. Soon, everyone will have the opportunity to engage with Zus, whether by storing data or participating in the cloud storage economy. Zus is not just another real-world asset project (RWA); it is a movement towards ensuring privacy, high-speed performance, and absolute control over data for individuals and enterprises alike.

If you are currently testing the apps, please continue to share your insights or report any bugs on our Discord channel. Your feedback is crucial for our continuous improvement.

Thank you for being part of this journey — it’s been an incredible ride, and the best is yet to come! Stay tuned to our next Züs Public Launch Update,

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