Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting another Cloud Cover AMA with our founder Saswata Basu (Ecclesia #3), on December 1st at 10 am PST. If you missed the previous episode, Saswata talked more about tokenomics, building with Züs, and even shared some of the results of our load tests. You can watch the episode […]

  Happy November! With all the talks regarding Twitter, influencers have started to wonder about crypto and Web3 integration. With all that is to come, it is important to emphasize the need for Decentralized Storage vs Centralized Storage to form a solid foundation for Web3. Included in this weekly update are some new tools for […]

Happy Wednesday! Last week the blockchain team closed 13 PRs and 6 tracked issues on the Züs repo, as well as 9 PRs on gosdk & blobber repos. Beyond the merged PRs, the team worked on benchmark testing errors and implemented the snapshot event database feature. In addition, they refactored the partition package to make it […]

Happy Wednesday! Last week the team fixed all the system tests errors and the benchmark test errors of the batch update PR and merged it into staging. The load test results improved significantly, and the network demonstrated greater stability than before. Remarkably, with 800 TPS the peak of steady block finalization duration was about 370ms, […]

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, we released a teaser video, check it out on our website. With all that is about to come, the team and our beloved community is feeling very excited. In this update we cover some as exciting new about MPT reading updates.   Blockchain Team MPT reading Now let’s dive into our weekly update! […]

Happy Wednesday everyone! Last week the team continued working on improving the block finalization issue and processing logic. As always they were reviewing the code, and closing several issues and PRs. Blockchain Team Processing Logic Improved the processing logic of events. The previous logic was inefficient, as it would not wait for the events of […]

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you hear about the recent data breaches? Companies including Uber, Optus, Revoult, and American Airlines, all had data breaches in the past days. There has never been such an alarming need for a secure and decentralized storage solution. That is why the Züs team is working hard towards a disruptive product that not […]

Happy Wednesday! Last week the dev team finally merged the state hash mismatch PR 1594 into staging. The next step will be merging the batch-update branch and fixing conflicts and any possible issues. Meanwhile, the team closed 12 PRs and 15 related issues in the Züs repo. Blockchain Team Fixing Conflicts The team changed the Allocation. Terms from […]

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all doing well. Last week, the blockchain team continued focusing on load tests and tuning the network blocks finality. Also, they closed a few PRs and issues on different repos. Blockchain Team The blockchain team fixed a blobber add event error that breaks the unique constraint. This happened due to […]

Happy Wednesday! Today Sculptex returns with a new segment on the block explorer. Last week the dev team focused on fixing the Züs block finality variation issue by merging events across transactions in the same block, instead of performing bulk update events in the same transactions, as previously mentioned. Meanwhile, the growing team is continuously […]