The blockchain team has been working tirelessly to initiate Züs’ hard fork, a significant update requiring thorough testing to ensure its success and stability. Although the dev network saw successful code deployment, the broader testing on our testnet revealed some bugs. These issues have been quickly identified and are currently being resolved. After ensuring the […]

Züs’ Anticipated Hard Fork and Mainnet Enhancements We are at an exciting phase here at Züs. Just one month after our live mainnet launch, we are rolling out our first Hard Fork this week. This pivotal event signifies our rapid progress and ability to implement significant updates faster than most blockchains. The Hard Fork, a […]

Storm of the Week | Sensitive Data Decentralized Storage: A Promising Solution for Sensitive Data in Governments, Hospitals, and Universities Explore the potential of decentralized storage in our latest article, highlighting how this emerging technology can significantly enhance data security in key sectors. Governments stand to gain a more secure way of handling citizen information, […]

This week, we are thrilled to bring you the latest on our Mainnet development and how our commitment to free, unlimited data egress is shaping the future of AI data management. As we edge closer to the Mainnet launch, discover the transformative impact of Züs’ unique approach to data accessibility and how it is poised […]

Stanford Breach: CEO Basu’s Take on Data Safety This week, we spotlight the cybersecurity breach within Stanford University’s Department of Public Safety. As breaches surge across academic institutions, the university grapples with a significant data compromise by a group known as “Akira”. Amidst the concern, our CEO Saswata Basu, stresses the critical need for large […]

Tri-Layered Security Structure of Züs A standout feature of this week was the appearance of our CEO and Founder, Saswata Basu, in a compelling interview on Digitalisation World. Saswata delivered an in-depth discussion on the transformative benefits of Decentralized Storage, placing a spotlight on the robust, tri-layered security structure of Züs, our innovative platform. 🔒 […]

Cloud Cover AMA | Enhancing AI Security: Join us for Ecclesia #26, happening tomorrow, October 26th, at 9 AM PST. Saswata will be providing updates on the Active Set redeployment and the next strategic steps for the Mainnet launch. We encourage you to bring your questions and share your insights beforehand on our Discord or […]

Mainnet and Active Set Redeployment The Active Set Redeployment is currently progressing, expected to finalize in the next few days. Challenges arose initially, largely due to the intricacies involved in coordinating all miners and sharders. However, momentum has since picked up. Notably, the Active Set has voted for a proposal that enforces timely actions from […]

Cloud Cover AMA | Secure Multi-Cloud: Join us for Ecclesia #25, our next Züs Cloud Cover AMA, on October 12th, at 9 AM PST. With the Active Set in the midst of redeployment, Saswata will discuss the next steps and answer your questions about what lies ahead. Share your inquiries and insights beforehand on our […]

Mainnet Update and Züs on Product Hunt: Following rigorous testing of both the network and our apps on the Beta Network (Active Set), we have identified and fixed several issues. We are set to incorporate these patches in our upcoming network redeployment scheduled for next week. As a result, all Active Set members, including miners […]