Decentralized storage addresses scalability issues by distributing data storage and processing across a network, like the Züs Network.

Happy Wednesday! As the blockchain industry continues to innovate and expand, it brings with it numerous exciting updates that can revolutionize the way we do business. This week is no exception, from more blockchain progress to an AMA next week, we have developments worth checking out. Plus, do not miss our Storm of the Week […]

dStorage on the rise! Native tokens of decentralized protocols soared last week. The adoption of decentralized storage is getting noticed.

Züs Full Testing | Mainnet Update

Active Set continues on full testing.

Züs Character | Cloud Cover Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #9), so make sure to attend on Thursday, February 09, at 9am PST. Feel free to add questions to our AMA channel on our Discord for our CEO, Saswata to respond to. Tomorrow, get excited to meet a […]

Cloud Cover AMA | Blimp by Züs Happy Wednesday, everyone! Tomorrow we will have our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #8), so make sure to attend as it will present the Blimp, by Züs, app. Blimp is an s3 compatible App for enterprises to transform their apps and websites for privacy, higher performance, and 100% uptime. […]

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting another Cloud Cover AMA with our founder Saswata Basu (Ecclesia #3), on December 1st at 10 am PST. If you missed the previous episode, Saswata talked more about tokenomics, building with Züs, and even shared some of the results of our load tests. You can watch the episode […]

  Happy November! With all the talks regarding Twitter, influencers have started to wonder about crypto and Web3 integration. With all that is to come, it is important to emphasize the need for Decentralized Storage vs Centralized Storage to form a solid foundation for Web3. Included in this weekly update are some new tools for […]

Happy Wednesday! Last week the blockchain team closed 13 PRs and 6 tracked issues on the Züs repo, as well as 9 PRs on gosdk & blobber repos. Beyond the merged PRs, the team worked on benchmark testing errors and implemented the snapshot event database feature. In addition, they refactored the partition package to make it […]

Happy Wednesday! Last week the team fixed all the system tests errors and the benchmark test errors of the batch update PR and merged it into staging. The load test results improved significantly, and the network demonstrated greater stability than before. Remarkably, with 800 TPS the peak of steady block finalization duration was about 370ms, […]