Züs Community: The Active Set (Miners and Sharders) are in the process of updating the network to complete our third Hard Fork, the Artemis Hard Fork. This big network update will include all the new features mentioned in the previous weekly updates, such as Apple and Okta login, as well as upload and user experience […]

Züs Community! Quick Züs Public Release Update today: We have successfully rolled out the big release on our test networks. This update introduces features like Okta and Apple logins for Blimp and automatic fixes for allocation issues. We have also made several improvements and fixes to enhance the speed and functionality of all apps. Currently, […]

Greetings! Are you ready for some exciting updates? Züs has been constantly striving to make user experience more seamless and efficient. We are thrilled to announce our latest updates that will enhance your login process, allocate allocation repairs, introduce brand selection for blobbers and much more! With Apple Login via Okta, automatic repair feature on […]

Züs community: Here is our latest Züs Public Launch Update. In the past weeks, the team has been working hard to implement the fixes and features after receiving feedback from the community. Most issues have been completed, including optimizing the upload speed to adapt to different internet speeds. These improvements are currently being rigorously tested […]

Hello everyone! We are excited to bring you the weekly update, and moving forward, you can expect it every Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the week. Your support means everything to us, so thank you! Today we will discuss Züs Community Testing and documentation. Züs Community Testing Our community has been actively testing our apps […]

In the Ares Hard Fork, aims to position Züs to compete with the traditional cloud and redefine cloud storage.

The blockchain team has been working tirelessly to initiate Züs’ hard fork, a significant update requiring thorough testing to ensure its success and stability. Although the dev network saw successful code deployment, the broader testing on our testnet revealed some bugs. These issues have been quickly identified and are currently being resolved. After ensuring the […]

Züs’ Anticipated Hard Fork and Mainnet Enhancements We are at an exciting phase here at Züs. Just one month after our live mainnet launch, we are rolling out our first Hard Fork this week. This pivotal event signifies our rapid progress and ability to implement significant updates faster than most blockchains. The Hard Fork, a […]

Storm of the Week | Sensitive Data Decentralized Storage: A Promising Solution for Sensitive Data in Governments, Hospitals, and Universities Explore the potential of decentralized storage in our latest article, highlighting how this emerging technology can significantly enhance data security in key sectors. Governments stand to gain a more secure way of handling citizen information, […]

This week, we are thrilled to bring you the latest on our Mainnet development and how our commitment to free, unlimited data egress is shaping the future of AI data management. As we edge closer to the Mainnet launch, discover the transformative impact of Züs’ unique approach to data accessibility and how it is poised […]