Ready for the Artemis Hard Fork? Exciting Updates and Community Testing Ahead!

Tiago Souza
May 2, 2024
News & Updates

Züs Community: The Active Set (Miners and Sharders) are in the process of updating the network to complete our third Hard Fork, the Artemis Hard Fork. This big network update will include all the new features mentioned in the previous weekly updates, such as Apple and Okta login, as well as upload and user experience improvements. The team and the community are excited about this since it is one step closer to our launch. For more details about this comprehensive update, check the most relevant updates below:

Storage Enhancements:

Storage Summary Card: Now with updated size refresh capabilities.

Upload Mode for Slow Clients: Enhances upload and download speeds for users with slow internet connections.

S3 Server Enhancements: Improved error handling, operations, conflict management, and UI updates.

Fix for Multiple Files Upload Failures.

Download Indicator for Publicly Shared Files: Now available when the user is not signed in.

Authentication and User Management:

Login with Okta (All Apps): Enables enterprise clients to log in with their Okta account or directly with Google.

Apple Login (All Apps): Users can now log in using their Apple ID.

Plug/Unplug Wallet Functionality for All Apps: Simplifies connecting and disconnecting your Metamask wallet.

Delete Wallet Feature (Bolt): Allows users to delete wallets they no longer need.

Service Providers and Blobbers:

Validators Tab in Service Providers on Atlus: A new Validators tab has been added for increased transparency.

Branded Blobbers: Users can now select blobbers by brand.

Restricted Blobbers: Blobbers can now restrict access so only selected clients can use their service with an authentication key.

Bolt Staking: Providers that have reached the delegation limit will no longer appear on the Bolt staking list.

Blockchain and Transactions:

An API Update for Chalk: NFTs will now appear on NftTracker.

Gas Amount Estimation Feature: Added to the ZCN bridge for Ethereum transactions.

Transaction and Processing Optimizations: Includes fixes and optimizations for transaction error processing, aggregate processing, and miner initialization.

S3 Server Specific:

List and Purge by Date for S3 Data

Replicate Bucket

Master-Slave Replication and Disaster Recovery

Backup with R

Storm of the Week:

Dropbox recently experienced a data breach with their service “Dropbox Sign,” which exposed their emails, usernames, and account settings. This illustrates how vulnerable centralized data management systems are. Not only do these data breaches keep increasing, but major providers like Dropbox, which billions of people trust and use, are not secure or private. It is a shame how these products are advertised as safe, as their backend infrastructure is fundamentally vulnerable to attacks or failures.

That said, Züs provides a better and more compelling decentralized alternative with a serverless Split-Key technology. Splitting the private key into multiple devices or locations eliminates single points of failure. Since each part is incomplete, your keys will always be safe if hacked. This also allows for more flexible recovery options by replicating fragments. Therefore, even if some is lost or a single device fails, it can still be recovered by the remaining shares.

Not only that, Züs’ split-key has an additional layer of security by being completely serverless. This means that the management of key fragments is handled without the need for dedicated servers. Since all operations are in a serverless environment, it decreases the potential points of attack that hackers can exploit. The recent Dropbox breach highlights the need for a better alternative. Züs’ Split Key could be a solution for users looking for more robust and complete protection without the vulnerabilities of Dropbox.

Wrapping Up| Artemis Hard Fork:

With all that said, I hope you enjoyed the update. We are excited to receive community feedback on the upcoming Artemis Hard Fork. We will announce on our channels when the Apps are ready for testing. See you all on Discord and Telegram!

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