Züs prepares for Hard Fork | Exploring Cybersecurity’s Global Impact

Tiago Souza
January 25, 2024
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Züs prepares for Hard Fork
Züs prepares for Hard Fork

Züs’ Anticipated Hard Fork and Mainnet Enhancements

We are at an exciting phase here at Züs. Just one month after our live mainnet launch, we are rolling out our first Hard Fork this week. This pivotal event signifies our rapid progress and ability to implement significant updates faster than most blockchains. The Hard Fork, a crucial update, is designed to incorporate all the fixes requested by our community testers, ensuring a smoother user experience with faster upload times, a fairer reward system for storage providers, and several other fixes.

Following the Hard Fork, we will thoroughly evaluate Mainnet’s stability and performance before announcing the countdown for the public launch. Stay tuned for these exhilarating developments!

In the News

Cybersecurity’s Impact on the Global Economy

This week’s focus is on Saswata Basu’s compelling article from Spiceworks, discussing the vast economic impact of cyber insecurity, potentially costing the global economy as much as $3.5 trillion by 2025. Saswata Basu, CEO of Züs, sheds light on the vital role of decentralized storage in countering these risks.

  • Security by Design: This approach involves integrating security into the initial design of products and systems. It emphasizes using decentralized storage, which offers enhanced security through layered encryption, helping maintain data privacy and prevent tampering.
  • Data Fragmentation: Breaking data into smaller fragments makes it considerably harder for hackers to access or steal complete information, substantially boosting data security.
  • Proxy Re-encryption: Utilizing mathematical algorithms, this technique transforms encrypted data into another form, making it more secure and difficult for unauthorized decryption.
  • Immutable Data: This form of data storage ensures that once information is stored, it cannot be altered or tampered with, thus providing an additional layer of security.

For further details, explore the full article here: The Financial Impact of Cyber Insecurity on the World Economy.

Enhancing the Züs User Experience | Hard Fork

As we prepare for Züs’ upcoming Hard Fork, we focus on enhancing user experience and technological innovation. Meanwhile, the insights from the cybersecurity article remind us of the ever-present need for stronger security measures in our increasingly digital world.

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