Züs Mainnet and Apps Update — April 19, 2023

Tiago Souza
April 19, 2023
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Züs Mainnet and Apps Update
Züs Mainnet and Apps Update

Züs Mainnet and Apps Update:

This week, we made significant progress on our blockchain network! We successfully merged the fee transaction and blocks management PRs, which were in development for several months. Additionally, we are close to merging the final configuration for mainnet PR, and we plan to re-deploy all networks with these changes. As a result, if you have been testing Atlus and Bolt, you will notice that all previous data will be deleted. Read further for more information on Züs Mainnet and Apps Update.

In the coming weeks, we have exciting plans to release more apps, starting with the mobile version of Bolt. We are also happy to report that our mainnet development is progressing well, with a focus on addressing the MPT and 2-phase commit issues that are critical to our timeline.

App Demos:

During last week’s Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #13), Züs CEO, Saswata Basu, unveiled the app demos for Bolt and Atlus, available now for community testing:

Atlus: https://demo.atlus.cloud/

Bolt: https://demo.bolt.holdings/

Give them a try and share your feedback on our Discord channel.

Blockchain Update:

Last week, the blockchain team focused primarily on closing transaction fee-related pull requests while also debugging and locating a chain-stuck issue. The good news is that all pull requests related to transaction fees were finally merged. It is likely that one of the chain-stuck related bugs has been located and fixed. The team will continue to monitor the chain to ensure its stability.

Regarding the transaction fee pulls requests, the team’s main tasks were:

a) Fixing system tests that failed due to insufficient balance to issue transactions. This issue was fixed by pouring tokens into the account before running the tests.

b) Fixing flaky test cases that occasionally failed due to not enough blobbers. The team reduced the number of blobbers required to create an allocation, which improved test stability.

Chain Stuck Issue

As for the investigation and fixing of the chain-stuck issue, the team added more logs based on recent findings and discovered many errors “could not remove allocation from blobber: could not remove item location: value not present.” This new report provided new information that was previously unknown: the item location could not be found, not the item itself. The team checked the partitions package and attempted to reproduce the error with unit tests but failed. More logs were added to gather additional information, and it was found that the item location was acquired from the location cache rather than from MPT.

From the logs, it was evident that the item’s location could be obtained from the cache, but when attempting to remove the item from the partition, it could not be found in the MPT. This was unusual. Upon investigating the code, the team discovered that the partition changes were not fully saved to the MPT after the item was removed. “Not fully” means that the item location was removed from the MPT, but the item itself was not. Therefore, the next time an attempt was made to remove the item, it was still present in the partition, and the “remove item location: value not present” error was encountered.

Other issues:

In addition to the transaction fee pull requests and chain-stuck fixing, the team continued working on the mainnet configuration preparation. Ten pull requests were closed in the 0chain repository, four in gosdk, and several core pull requests were submitted, including:

Züs in the News:

Curious about the slow pace of blockchain adoption? Saswata Basu, CEO of Züs, shares his insights and expert opinions in this article on Digital Journal:


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