Züs Public Release Update

Tiago Souza
April 25, 2024
News & Updates

Züs Community! Quick Züs Public Release Update today:

We have successfully rolled out the big release on our test networks. This update introduces features like Okta and Apple logins for Blimp and automatic fixes for allocation issues. We have also made several improvements and fixes to enhance the speed and functionality of all apps.

Currently, our team is rigorously testing the apps. If all goes well, we plan to launch them on the Mainnet in the next few days. To accelerate this process, we might invite some community members to help with testing on our demo test network. We aim to release this update on the Mainnet next week, and we will decide on the timing of the public release based on feedback from the community.

That is all for today. Looking forward to sharing more exciting Züs Public Release Update with you next week!

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