Thank you Züs Community | Weekly Debrief May 03, 2023

Tiago Souza
May 3, 2023
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Thank You Züs Community Weekly Debrief

Cloud Cover AMA:

Happy Wednesday, Züs community! The team at Zus is gearing up for an eagerly anticipated livestream event on, Thursday, May 4, at 9 am PST. Join us for our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #14), where Saswata will be providing updates on the Züs Mainnet the Züs App demos! Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the progress we have and what is in store for the future. Remember to drop your questions in our Discord channel or send them directly to me on Telegram.

Now, let’s get into this week’s update!

Storm of the Week:

Züs Community

This week, we would like to recognize and highlight some outstanding members of our Züs community who have been actively engaging with and promoting our project:

Amr Ali published a comprehensive article about Züs, which offers valuable insights into our architecture, compares our project to other dStorage initiatives, and provides his personal opinions on Züs. You can read Amr’s article here.

Immortal Züs (@ImmortalsZus), a dedicated supporter of our project, has been creating fantastic Twitter threads about us. Check out this thread he wrote about Blimp, Chalk, and Chimney to see some of his great work.

Cprinze (@Cprinze_) also deserves recognition for his great Twitter thread about Züs.

Shuriken (@cryptoshuriken) wrote an outstanding thread about our project and published a comprehensive review on his blog. We appreciate his support and enthusiasm for Züs.

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to @DataPleb for their ongoing support of Züs on both Telegram and Twitter. Thank you for being a valued member of our community!

Blockchain Updates:

Chain stuck issue

Last week, the blockchain team continued investigating the testnet chainstuck issue. They discovered that the issue was caused by the MPT, which had not caused any problems for almost a year, however, during chaos and load testing the issue emerged. While the key code that caused the issue has not been located, it is likely that the MPT was corrupted during the syncAndRetry process. To address this, the team added more detailed logs in the MPT for deleting nodes and added state nodes validation after syncing the missing nodes from remote. Previously, the retrieved nodes with the new calculated keys were simply put into stateDB without any validation, which could have caused the MPT issue. The team is currently exploring if these issues are related.

Other issues:

Additionally, the team worked on load testing, which was broken after a few recent changes. There were also remaining issues after enabling txn fee, and the team identified errors in sending and verifying transactions code that returned errors before completing the transaction sending process due to early context cancel calling. The team is planning to send txn confirmation requests to more nodes so that when chaos tests bring down sharders, there is at least one request that reaches the live node.

In addition to the above work, the team also reviewed the view change code for the manual view change. However, this feature requires all miners to be involved in creating a new magic block with new DKG, which is not a trivial task. Therefore, the team has decided to pause this feature and focus on closing the existing issues.

Also, the team also investigated a sharder crashing issue on staging, which was introduced after enabling the empty read pool. The empty read pool did not cause an immediate panic when it was created, but it caused a panic later when saving txns to cassandra. The team is still working on this issue and expects to fix it in the coming days.

Furthermore, during the week, the team merged 12 PRs in 0chain, 11 PRs in gosdk and 9 PRs in blobber repos:

Thank you Züs Community

We would like to thank the Züs community for the support they have given our project. Your engagement has been amazing, and we cannot express how much it means to us. From throughout the development process, to seeing our project become more successful, your involvement has truly shaped this journey for each of us. It is exciting to know that together we can create meaningful change and innovation. So, thank you from all of us at Züs as we look forward to what greatness we can reach in the near future!

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