Elevating AI with Free, Unlimited Data Egress

Tiago Souza
December 6, 2023
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Elevating AI with Free, Unlimited Data Egress
Elevating AI with Free, Unlimited Data Egress

This week, we are thrilled to bring you the latest on our Mainnet development and how our commitment to free, unlimited data egress is shaping the future of AI data management. As we edge closer to the Mainnet launch, discover the transformative impact of Züs’ unique approach to data accessibility and how it is poised to revolutionize AI applications.

Storm of the Week | Unlimited Data Egress

Accelerating AI Innovation with Züs

Artificial Intelligence thrives on data. The more information an AI system can process, the more accurate and effective its outcomes. This need for large data sets stems from the way AI algorithms learn and make decisions. They analyze patterns in vast amounts of data, continually refining their models for better accuracy. However, the speed of data retrieval is equally crucial. Slow data access can significantly hinder an AI system’s learning process, delaying insights and decision-making.

This is where Züs comes into the picture. Our platform uniquely addresses the dual challenge of AI data management: the necessity for both rapid data access and affordability. High performance in data retrieval is essential for AI systems to function optimally. They need to quickly pull, analyze, and store large volumes of data for real-time or near-real-time processing. Delays in data access can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities in AI-driven applications.

Cost Factor for Data Egress

Moreover, the cost factor, particularly for data egress, is critical. Egress refers to the process of transferring data out of a cloud storage service to a client or another server. Traditional data storage solutions often impose hefty fees for this egress, which can escalate operational costs, especially for businesses that rely heavily on data-intensive AI processes.

Züs provides a revolutionary solution to this problem. Our platform offers not just high-speed data access but does so with the added benefit of free egress. This means that businesses can transfer their data out of our storage without incurring additional costs. This combination of high performance and low cost makes Züs an ideal choice for AI applications, where speed and cost-efficiency are a necessity. By choosing Züs, AI companies can optimize their operations, confident that their data management needs are met with a platform that is both swift and economical, facilitating advancements and breakthroughs in AI technologies.

Mainnet Update:

Good news: The problematic bug that was delaying us has been resolved! Our team is now in the crucial phase of conducting final tests on our applications and fine-tuning the Mainnet configurations. As we approach this important milestone, we share your excitement and look forward to bringing you continuous updates on our progress. Stay tuned for what is next!

Blockchain Update:

  • Testnet Network Enhancements:
    • Resolved ‘no authorizers found’ and ‘wrong initial state’ issues.
    • Addressed ‘dex_subgraph register failure’.
    • Standardized authorizers’ Ethereum addresses in CI scripts.
    • Optimized testnet for authorizers and DEX operations.
  • Interface and Configuration Fixes:
    • Corrected Metamask network switching error in Chalk.
    • Configured graphnode for NFT, resolving HTTPS TLS certificate issues on IPFS.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance:
    • Initiated DEX and NFT functionality testing on testnet by QA team.
  • CI and Minting Corrections:
    • Addressed false minting issues and updated CI configurations.
    • Resolved testnet folder creation and initial state errors.
    • Fixed s3server CI build error due to missing libmcl libraries.
  • App and File Handling Improvements:
    • Conducted tests on ZboxAndroid (Vult), identifying app crash and blobber response issues.
    • Fixed Vult upload failures with empty files.
    • Investigated free allocation mint and deployment strategies on testnet.
  • User Interface and Network Operations:
    • Addressed Chalk UI and network issues.
    • Investigated and resolved 0box errors and Chalk metadata uploading issues.
  • Transaction and Storage Fixes:
    • Reported and investigated ‘insufficient balance’ errors for ‘add_blobber’ transactions.
    • Successfully tested empty file uploads.
    • Resolved free storage assigner token transfer problem.
  • Continuous Integration Enhancements:
  • Implemented CI configurations for mainnet authorizers in testnet, facilitating DEX live testing.

Züs | Unlimited Data Egress

The rise of AI-driven applications demands fast and cost-effective data management. Züs provides exactly that — allowing AI algorithms to bring a new level of data efficiency suitable for artificial intelligence innovation. The mainnet launch is quickly approaching, bringing an alternative solution for AI innovation to thrive and innovate.

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