Züs Hard Fork Update

Tiago Souza
February 1, 2024
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Züs Hard Fork Update
Züs Hard Fork Update

Dear Züs Community! We are thrilled to provide an update, following last week’s announcement, on the significant progress regarding our highly anticipated Züs hard fork. Despite a brief delay, our blockchain team is now preparing to commence the update process this week. Once the miners in the Active Set complete their updates, we will be poised to initiate the hard fork, which we anticipate happening next week.

This marks a pivotal milestone in our journey, and we are eager to involve our whole community as well. Following the initiation of the Züs hard fork, we invite you to be among the first to test the Apps, a crucial step before the public launch. This will give you the opportunity to experience our latest developments firsthand and offer us invaluable feedback.

Some Cool Things You Will Be Able to Test after the Züs Hard Fork:

Stake ZCN on Bolt: Engage directly with Miners, Sharders, and Blobbers to earn rewards.

Organize and Store Personal Files on Vult: Securely and efficiently store and organize your personal files.

Private Sharing: share files privately using our cutting-edge encryption technology. (Vult and Blimp).

Deploy a Blobber: Become a blobber by deploying storage on Chimney and taking an active role in the network.

Monitor transactions on Atlus: Track all your interactions within the Züs ecosystem through Atlus.

And Much More…  You will discover a multitude of exciting features and capabilities within the Züs ecosystem!

Your continued support and enthusiasm are invaluable to us. As we gear up to enter this new chapter, we are committed to delivering the best of Züs technology to you.

Stay connected for more updates!

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