Züs’ Hard Fork Update 2

Tiago Souza
February 7, 2024
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Züs' Hard Fork Update 2
Züs’ Hard Fork Update 2

The blockchain team has been working tirelessly to initiate Züs’ hard fork, a significant update requiring thorough testing to ensure its success and stability. Although the dev network saw successful code deployment, the broader testing on our testnet revealed some bugs. These issues have been quickly identified and are currently being resolved. After ensuring the testnet passes all checks, we will proceed to the final phase of testing on the Demo network, which closely simulates the Mainnet environment. This is a critical step before we can move forward with the hard fork.

We plan to start the implementation process with our miners and sharders (Active Set) this week, aiming to officially commence the hard fork by next week. Your patience during this period of time is invaluable to us. Ensuring the update’s quality and stability is our top priority, so it may take a bit more time. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we move closer to this key update.

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