Züs on Product Hunt | Weekly Debrief October 04, 2023

Tiago Souza
October 4, 2023
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Züs on Product Hunt | Weekly Debrief October 04, 2023
Züs on Product Hunt | Weekly Debrief October 04, 2023

Mainnet Update and Züs on Product Hunt:

Following rigorous testing of both the network and our apps on the Beta Network (Active Set), we have identified and fixed several issues. We are set to incorporate these patches in our upcoming network redeployment scheduled for next week. As a result, all Active Set members, including miners and sharders, will need to restart the network. This update will enable us to assess the enhanced performance of the network and the Apps. Join us in a staying updated; Züs on Product Hunt!

Join Züs on Product Hunt:

Hello Züs community,

Exciting news: We have secured our spot on Product Hunt as we approach our anticipated launch.

What this means for you:

  • Sneak peek of our latest endeavors.
  • Connect with the Züs team.
  • A space for your invaluable insights and feedback.

We are counting on your continued enthusiasm and support as we inch closer to this significant step.

Stay updated by signing up on the Züs Product Hunt page.

Here is to another week of progress with Züs!

Blockchain Updates:

Last week, the blockchain team focused on the MPT state disk space growth issue. Another challenge the team confronted was a LFB loading anomaly during startup. Additionally, several network issues were resolved. Below are the details:

MPT state disk consumption

The MPT state disk space consumption has been escalating rapidly, having reached about 16G on our dev network in approximately 16 days. In response to this, the team introduced a script to observe the state disk usage. This script inspects the disk consumption every 30 seconds and logs the findings to analyze fluctuations in usage. Concurrently, debug logs were incorporated into MPT to trace all potential new entries.

These logs enabled the team to discern the predominant actions or transactions persistently introducing new items to the MPT. The primary culprits identified were actions from the challenge generation code. This finding aligns with the understanding that with every round generating a challenge, and with the potential to produce five rounds per second, five challenge items would be added to the MPT every second.

Disk Usage

While adding challenges to the MPT is acceptable, the primary concern was the lack of concurrent removal of challenges, irrespective of whether they expired or were processed successfully/unsuccessfully. This discrepancy could potentially lead to the accumulation of challenges, causing the MPT state to expand continuously. However, challenge rectifications in the sprint-1.11 branch should address this by ensuring challenges are purged from MPT post-processing, irrespective of the outcome. The team will maintain vigilance on disk usage and probe into other potential leakage issues.

Incorrect LFB

Another hiccup the team addressed was related to sharders occasionally loading an incorrect LFB that lagged hundreds of rounds behind the authentic LFB. This discrepancy caused a reinitiation of the event db process. Given that block event reprocessing isn’t permitted, a protective re-entry mechanism was triggered, causing the sharder to panic. Although replicating this issue proved challenging, a thorough examination of the code and LFB loading mechanics suggested a potential flaw in the round storage method. A remediation was put into place ensuring that the LFB round is consistently correct upon sharder startup.

Below are the main issues and PRs that were closed:

  • PR #2804: Challenge based on weight. This PR is also anticipated to resolve the challenge leakage issue.
  • PR #2796: Added validator ids to conductor config.
  • PR #2801: Fixed challenge stats.
  • PR #2813: Added missing nodes stats, detailing the number of missing nodes and synchronization durations.
  • PR #2810: Fixed false BC stuck issue in sharder.
  • PR #1239: Fixed move when srcPath is identical to destPath.
  • PR #1236: Fixed invalid ffmpeg command in transcode feature.
  • PR #1237: Fixed web streaming wasm.
  • PR #1267: Used # WithNewTransaction to access the store.

Head Over to Product Hunt and follow Züs!

All in all, running testing with the Active Set has enabled us to identify and fix several issues that will be incorporated into our network deployment. This update is to ensure that the network and out apps have top performance. We invite you to join us in making this better by staying up to date with these progress and changes, as we are doing our best to make sure users get only the best performance results. It is easier than ever – just head over and Join Züs on Product Hunt!

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