Ultimate Guide to Cloud Storage Solutions: Microsoft SharePoint vs. Dropbox vs. Vult in 2024

Jayasty Anandan
June 11, 2024
Personal Storage

As the world moves towards a digital landscape, data storage has become a pressing concern for individuals and businesses alike. The sheer volume of data being generated daily drives the surge in demand for secure, efficient, and scalable cloud storage solutions. With a multitude of options available, such as SharePoint, Dropbox, and Vult, it can be overwhelming to choose the right fit for your needs. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll explore SharePoint vs. Dropbox vs. Vult. It will help you make an informed decision for your organization’s cloud storage space needs.

Before we dive into the details, it’s essential to understand the unique features and benefits that each platform brings to the table.

Microsoft SharePoint: An Overview

Microsoft developed SharePoint as a robust platform for organizations to collaborate, manage content, and build intranet and extranet sites. Here are some key features of SharePoint:

Document Management: SharePoint offers a comprehensive document management system, allowing users to store, organize, and version-control documents.

Collaboration: With SharePoint, teams can collaborate in real-time on documents, co-authoring and providing feedback within the platform.

Customization: Organizations can customize SharePoint sites to match their branding and workflow requirements.

Integration: SharePoint seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, and Teams, enhancing productivity.

Dropbox: An Overview

Dropbox, is a cloud-based file storage and sharing platform known for its simplicity and ease of use. Here are some key features of Dropbox:

File Storage: Dropbox provides cloud storage, enabling users to store files and access them from anywhere.

File Sharing: Sharing files with colleagues or external partners is straightforward, with options for setting access permissions.

Synchronization: Dropbox syncs files across devices, ensuring you always have the latest version available.

Collaboration: While not as robust as SharePoint, Dropbox offers collaboration features like file comments and shared folders.

Vult: An Overview

Vult is a decentralized, secure, and private file storage platform that operates on the Züs network. It offers several unique features and advantages:

Decentralized Storage: Vult distributes your data across multiple servers, avoiding single points of failure and ensuring data resilience.

Data Integrity: An open-source platform tracks all data handling activities using blockchain to verify that stored data remains unchanged. This ensures data integrity through transparent, verified challenges.

Encryption: Vult employs advanced encryption methods to protect your data’s privacy and security.

User Control: Users exercise absolute control over their data, with full visibility into where their data is stored and the ability to monitor storage provide.

Encrypted File Sharing: Vult enables secure and efficient encrypted file sharing while maintaining data privacy.

Provider Flexibility: Users can switch storage providers for better performance and auto-repair their data allocation.

Data Immutability: Vult ensures immutability, preserving the original quality of your files without any alterations.

Vult aims to provide a secure, transparent, and decentralized alternative to traditional cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and SharePoint.

SharePoint vs. Dropbox vs. Vult: Features Comparison

Now that we have a basic understanding of both platforms, let’s dive into a detailed comparison.

Storage and Pricing 


  • In Vult’s decentralized storage model, various storage providers host users’ data, distributing it across multiple servers.
  • Users have the flexibility to choose their desired storage capacity and pay accordingly, based on the providers they select.
  • Individual storage providers determine pricing, offering users a competitive and transparent marketplace to compare and opt for the best rates.
  • Unlike traditional cloud storage platforms with fixed pricing tiers, Vult allows users to customize their storage needs and costs based on their requirements.
  • Users can also switch providers seamlessly if they find better performance or pricing options, without any data migration hassles.
  • This decentralized approach gives users more control over their storage expenses. This ensures data security and resilience through redundant storage across multiple providers.


  • SharePoint storage is closely tied to Microsoft 365 suite subscriptions.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan ($5/user/month) includes 1 TB of SharePoint storage per user.
  • Higher-tier plans like Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Business Premium also offer 1 TB per user.


  • Dropbox offers a free plan with limited storage (2 GB) and paid plans for individuals and business users.
  • Dropbox Plus costs $9.99/month for 2 TB of storage, while Dropbox Business starts at $15/user/month for standard features and 5 TB of storage.


If your organization already invests in Microsoft 365, SharePoint’s storage tightly integrates, potentially offering a more cost-effective solution for larger organizations. However, Dropbox’s pricing is competitive, especially for individuals and small teams looking for a simple cloud storage solution.

Vult presents a unique proposition for business needs and individuals prioritizing data security, privacy, and decentralization. While its pricing model may vary based on the storage providers chosen, Vult offers a transparent and flexible approach to storage costs. Moreover, its blockchain-based data integrity verification and advanced encryption methods make it an attractive choice for those handling sensitive information or seeking to avoid vendor lock-in.

Security and Compliance


  • Vult prioritizes security and compliance, designing the platform with robust measures to safeguard sensitive data and meet regulatory requirements across various industries.
  • Vult employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data remains secure both in transit and at rest. Access controls and granular permission settings allow organizations to control who can view, edit, or share specific documents, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access.
  • For industries with strict compliance mandates, such as healthcare or finance, Vult offers a comprehensive suite of compliance features. 
  • Additionally, Vult’s advanced auditing and reporting capabilities enable organizations to monitor user activity, track changes, and generate detailed reports for compliance purposes. This level of transparency and accountability goes beyond meeting regulatory obligations and maintaining data integrity.


  • SharePoint leverages Microsoft’s robust security infrastructure, offering encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Compliance features are available, making it suitable for industries with strict regulatory requirements (e.g., healthcare or finance).
  • Microsoft 365’s security and compliance center provides additional tools for data protection.


  • Dropbox also prioritizes security, offering encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), and enterprise-grade security features for business plans.
  • Compliance certifications like HIPAA and GDPR compliance make Dropbox suitable for regulated industries.


All three platforms prioritize security and compliance, making them viable options for organizations with stringent data protection needs. Additionally, Vult stands out with its advanced auditing, reporting, and comprehensive compliance features tailored for highly regulated industries.

User Experience and Accessibility


  • Vult prioritizes an exceptional user experience, striking a balance between intuitive simplicity and powerful functionality. Unlike SharePoint, which new users may find complex and overwhelming, Vult’s interface is designed to be clean and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.
  • Similar to Dropbox’s renowned simplicity, Vult’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. 
  • Moreover, Vult’s responsive design ensures a consistent and optimized experience across various devices and screen sizes, allowing users to collaborate and access documents seamlessly, regardless of their preferred device or location.


  • SharePoint has a steeper learning curve, especially for users new to the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Its interface can feel complex and overwhelming, but customization options allow organizations to tailor it to their needs.


  • Dropbox is known for its user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to start using it right away.
  • Its simplicity is a strong selling point, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses.


Dropbox excels with its renowned user-friendly interface, ideal for small to mid-sized businesses seeking simplicity. However, Vult emerges as a strong contender by combining intuitive design with advanced accessibility features. Moreover, while SharePoint offers extensive customization, its complexity can be a hurdle for some users. For organizations prioritizing an exceptional blend of user-friendliness, powerful functionality, and accessibility, Vult stands out as a compelling choice, catering to diverse user needs within a seamless and inclusive platform.

Quick Comparison: Vult vs. SharePoint vs. Dropbox

Key FeaturesVultSharePointDropbox
Cloud Storage ServiceBy dispersing data across a vast network of computers, decentralized cloud storage solutions provide an enhanced level of security and privacy, as sensitive information is no longer confined to a single, vulnerable locationSharePoint uses a centralized storage system where files are stored in a single location.Centralized cloud storage where your data is stored and managed by Dropbox. This means that your sensitive data is under the control of a single entity, and they can view it. If the central server of Dropbox goes down, the entire system can become inaccessible.
Wire-Speed PerformanceParallel servers enable rapid data transfers, ensuring swift uploads and downloads.NoNo
TransparencyOn the blockchain, a permanent record of events is maintained, providing a clear trail of your file’s storage location and the frequency with which it has successfully overcome challenges.NoNo
ImmutabilityIn contrast to centralized systems, Vult’s immutability feature boosts robustness by decentralizing control across multiple servers.Utilizes in-place retention and preservation policies to maintain data integrity and prevent unauthorized changes.Doesn’t natively support immutability.
Redundancy on the flyUsers can seamlessly add geo-diverse redundancy into their existing storage allocation at a minimal additional cost.Not availableNot available
Smaller Carbon FootprintsBy minimizing its disk space requirements, Zus’s eco-friendly architecture offers a unique advantage over traditional cloud providers. Not only does it reduce environmental impact, but it also ensures higher levels of redundancy and availability.NoNo
Geo-distributed regionsBy dispersing servers across diverse geographic regions, cloud storage solutions significantly reduce the likelihood of downtime resulting from isolated outages, whether they occur at the server, network, or data center level, thereby ensuring enhanced redundancy and resiliency.Not availableNot available
Data LocalizationBy selecting servers located in their local region or country, Vult empowers users to comply with relevant government regulations and jurisdictional demands, ensuring seamless operations within their geographical area.Not availableNot available
Blockchain- Based Data Integrity VerificationBy leveraging blockchain technology, the platform ensures the integrity of data through a transparent and verifiable process, where each server storing data fragments is subject to rigorous challenges. As a result, users are empowered to monitor and track storage activities in real-time, providing unparalleled visibility and control.Not availableNot available
Proxy Re-EncryptionWhen data is transmitted, Vult’s proxy re-encryption technology guarantees its protection, even in the event of interception, thereby maintaining the confidentiality of the information being shared.Not availableNot available

SharePoint vs Dropbox v. Vult: Final Remarks

Vult emerges as a compelling all-in-one solution that seamlessly combines robust document management, advanced collaboration capabilities, and user-friendly accessibility features.

Choose *Vult* if: 

  • Unparalleled uptime and data integrity through sharded server architecture and robust validation mechanisms.
  • Uncompromising security and privacy with advanced encryption, proxy re-encryption, and immutability, crucial for sensitive data like AI applications..
  • User-centric design with intuitive UI/UX, interactive data visualization, and customizable performance settings for a seamless experience.

Pick *SharePoint* if: 

  • Your organization is heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, and tight integration with Microsoft 365 apps is a must.
  • Robust document management and advanced collaboration features are required, with SharePoint’s extensive customization options.
  • Compliance and security are top concerns, leveraging Microsoft’s robust infrastructure. 

Choose *Dropbox* if: 

  • Simplicity in file sharing and basic collaboration is sufficient for your team’s needs.
  • An extensive marketplace of third-party apps integrations is crucial for your diverse workflow requirements.
  • User-friendliness and ease of use are prioritized over advanced document management capabilities. 

Vult: Your Secure and Streamlined Personal Cloud

While solutions like SharePoint and Dropbox offer file sharing and collaboration capabilities, Vult by Züs Network stands out as the ultimate personal cloud solution for individuals seeking utmost privacy, security, and seamless data sharing.

At its core, Vult empowers users with encrypted data storage and effortless sharing through proxy keys, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected at all times. Furthermore, what sets Vult apart is its decentralized, encrypted data sharing protocol built right into the platform, allowing you to securely share data with friends and family without compromising on privacy.

Unique Features and USPs:

Encrypted Sharing: Vult leverages Züs Network’s proxy re-encryption protocol to encrypt your data and share it securely with others, providing an unparalleled level of data protection.

Transparency and Control: Vult offers complete transparency by providing you with information about the data providers and their geographic locations, giving you control over where your data resides.

High-Resolution Performance: With Vult, you can view images and videos in their original high-quality resolution, ensuring that your cherished memories and media files remain crisp and vivid.

User-Friendly Interface: Vult’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for individuals of all technical levels to securely store, share, and manage their data, without sacrificing functionality or security. 

Discover the future of secure, efficient, and user-friendly cloud storage by exploring Vult today.


What makes Vult different from SharePoint and Dropbox? 

Vult is a decentralized, secure, and private file storage platform operating on the Züs network. Moreover, its unique features include decentralized storage, data integrity verification using blockchain, advanced encryption, user control, encrypted file sharing, and provider flexibility.

Why choose Vult over SharePoint and Dropbox? 

Vult offers robust security, user-friendly accessibility, integration flexibility, and compliance features. Additionally, SharePoint is suitable for Microsoft-centric organizations, while Dropbox excels in simplicity and third-party integrations.

Can I access Vult from any device? 

Yes, Vult ensures seamless access to your data from various devices and platforms, wherever you are.

How does Vult’s security compare to other cloud storage solutions?

Vult prioritizes security with end-to-end encryption, decentralized storage, and advanced security measures, offering a high level of data protection.

How easy is it to migrate from other cloud storage platforms to Vult? 

Vult aims to provide a seamless migration process, but the ease may vary depending on the volume and complexity of existing data and configurations.

Does Vult’s decentralized storage model offer greater reliability than traditional centralized storage?

Vult’s decentralized storage model aims to enhance reliability by distributing data across multiple servers, minimizing the risk of single points of failure.

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