Ares Hard Fork: Redefining Cloud Storage

Tiago Souza
February 29, 2024
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Ares Hard Fork Redefining Cloud Storage
Ares Hard Fork Redefining Cloud Storage

Züs community, your wait is nearly over. Our developers are finalizing updates to improve the network’s performance. We are rolling out these updates in three main releases. The first and second releases focus on Blobber upgrades and updating miners and sharders. In this phase, we will deploy our second Hard Fork, “Ares,” marking a key milestone in our roadmap. The Ares Hard Fork, named after the god of war for its courage and boldness, aims to position Züs to compete with the traditional cloud and redefine cloud storage. The third release will update and open our Web Apps for community testing.

Key issues fixed with the Update:

  • Transaction Search Speed: slow transaction searches are expected to be resolved through the miner update.
  • Blobber Stats (Used vs Allocated storage): This problem has been fixed and is currently under testing. However, implementing the fix requires a Hard Fork and will be included in the next hard fork update.
  • Compensation Logic for Stats: The compensation logic for stats is undergoing tests. While the gosdk and zbox changes are pending, the miner component will come in the next release.
  • Partition Creation Issue: This issue, which was causing some sharders to get stuck, is being addressed by examining the postgres setup. The resolution is currently in progress and will be part of the hard fork release.
  • Blobber Optimizations: After some system tests failed, the optimizations proposed were retested and are now fixed.
  • Geo-randomized Blobber Selection in 0box: This enhancement, aimed at randomizing blobber selection based on geography in 0box, has been completed and will be part of the final release on the web apps.

In summary, the upcoming Ares Hard Fork will significantly improve our network, fixing key issues and enhancing overall performance. We are excited for the community to start testing soon. Thanks for your patience and support!

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