Healthcare Data Privacy | Züs Weekly Debrief September 27, 2023 

Tiago Souza
September 27, 2023
AMA with Saswata
Healthcare Data Privacy | Züs Weekly Debrief September 27, 2023
Healthcare Data Privacy | Züs Weekly Debrief September 27, 2023

Cloud Cover AMA / Healthcare Data Privacy:

Mark your calendars for Ecclesia #24, our upcoming Züs Cloud Cover AMA, scheduled for tomorrow, September 28th, at 9 AM PST. Join Saswata as he discusses the latest developments of Mainnet and the ongoing progress of the Active Set. Your participation is invaluable to us, and we welcome you to forward your questions and insights on our Discord or Telegram channels in advance. Healthcare data privacy has long been a major concern and an obstacle to the medical progress, read below on how the recent introduction of the Züs network is offering a revolutionizing solution.

Storm of the Week:

Revolutionizing Healthcare Data Privacy

Healthcare data, being highly sensitive and confidential, requires utmost protection due to its personal nature. Maintaining its privacy is pivotal, both for trust and legal compliance.

Challenge: Utilizing conventional cloud storage inherently poses significant risks to sensitive data, characterized by the constant and malicious threat of unintended access and resultant potential data breaches.

The Züs Solution: This is where Züs steps in, offering a secure, decentralized platform specifically designed for private data sharing. When you use Züs, you own the keys to your personal cloud, ensuring you have exclusive control over your confidential information, guarding it against any unauthorized access.

Importance in Healthcare: In the world of healthcare, safeguarding healthcare data privacy is non-negotiable. Züs provides a secure harbor for individuals to manage and share their sensitive health information with peace of mind, reinforcing trust and adhering to stringent compliance standards in healthcare data management.

In essence, Züs effectively addresses the critical concerns surrounding healthcare data privacy by empowering individuals with control and security over their confidential information.

Blockchain Updates:

Last week, the blockchain team completed the Live Test for both DEX and NFTs, rectified the Bluetooth implementation for zauth desktop and iOS bolt, and resolved the video transcode issue in Vult web on uploading. Furthermore, an issue causing sharder to get stuck when syncing blocks was addressed. The team is currently addressing another sharder panic issue due to slow event DB writing, and slow restarting after running for a while. Investigations on these two issues will continue. Concurrently, focus will also be placed on video streaming in the Web end.

Issues and Resolutions:

  • DEX Contract Issue: During the Live Test, the team detected an issue in the DEX contract; the listed ZCN token in address 0xb9EF770B6A5e12E45983C5D80545258aA38F3B78 lacked the increaseAllowance() contract function, necessitating a call to increaseApproval(). This discrepancy was rectified, ensuring smooth operation of all DEX contracts.
  • NFT Contracts: All NFT contracts operated well after addressing initial configuration errors related to the ethereum_node_rpc address, which had incorrectly pointed to the Mumbai contract addresses.
  • Bluetooth Implementation for Zauth and Bolt iOS: The completion of Bluetooth implementation involved addressing package assembling in both zauth and iOS end and implementing the subscriptions for setup characteristic and transaction characteristic.
  • Sharder Stuck Issue: The blockchain team addressed a synchronization block issue that was causing the sharder to get stuck. PR 2771 was issued to rectify this problem.
  • Video Transcoding Issue: The video transcoding issue in the Web end was resolved by upgrading the ffmpeg.wasm to 0.12.6 and implementing lazy loading.

Pull Requests Closed:

  • PR 2771: The sharder stuck issue in syncing blocks was fixed.
  • PR 2775: The conductor workflow was updated to upload only logs as artifacts.
  • PR 2741: Introduced challenges based on rounds.
  • PR 2777: Fixed challenge ordering issue.
  • PR 2778: Resolved unlock allocation issue.
  • PR 2782: Enforced checking of the minimum mint amount not being lower than max fee.
  • PR 2780: Addressed a challenge issue.
  • PR 2785: Resolved WP unlock issue.
  • PR 2787: Fixed authorizer conductor test.
  • PR 1221 & 1220 & 1225 & 1226: Addressed various issues in gosdk.
  • Several Blobber PRs: Addressed multiple issues including refactor commits, errors on renaming dir, and increased limit on the number of open challenges per fetching.

Upcoming Focus:

The team will persist in its efforts to resolve the ongoing sharder panic issues and to enhance the video streaming capabilities on the Web end, ensuring the continuous refinement and progression of our blockchain technologies.

Healthcare Data Privacy and AMA #24

It is clear that Zus will play an important role of advancing healthcare data privacy. The security of the Zus platform will enable physicians, health organizations, and researchers access to data in better manner than ever before. We invite you to us tomorrow for our AMA session- a great opportunity to learn more about our mission and what we are working towards here at Zus.

Excited for engaging discussions and insights at Ecclesia #24! See you there!

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