Züs Community Testing and Documentation

Tiago Souza
April 4, 2024
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Hello everyone! We are excited to bring you the weekly update, and moving forward, you can expect it every Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the week. Your support means everything to us, so thank you! Today we will discuss Züs Community Testing and documentation.

Züs Community Testing

Our community has been actively testing our apps for the past two weeks, providing invaluable feedback and identifying bugs. Your contributions are crucial in preparing the Apps for their public debut. We are currently improving upload and resolving a gas estimation issue with Metamask.

Our Quick Start Guide is a good place to start. Please also check our guides on depositing ZCN to BoltStaking, and Decentralized Private Sharing. For more information about the apps, check our Web Apps Documentation, which has just been released.

Züs Web App Documentation

We recently updated the Züs documentation for our web apps, which is available here. The CLI, API, and SDK documentation is in the works and expected to be completed in the next three weeks.

Addressing Upload Issues

While many have had a smooth experience, some users encountered issues with the upload. The team has fixed the issues and is now optimizing upload speed. However, several users experienced upload issues because of underperforming blobbers and had difficulties switching to a different blobber. Because of that, the team is now working on a more user-friendly way to switch blobber in the event it happens.

High Gas Estimation Fees

Multiple users reported high gas fees when using Bolt for transactions with ZCN. If you are one of them, rest assured. The team is working hard on the fix, and it will be deployed soon, likely in a few days. Once it is resolved, we will make an announcement on Telegram and Discord.

Züs Community Testing and Documentation

That is all for today. Thanks for being an integral part of our community. I am looking forward to next week’s update!

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