Active Set Update | Züs Weekly Debrief July 19, 2023

Tiago Souza
July 19, 2023
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Active Set Update | Züs Weekly Debrief July 19, 2023
Active Set Update | Züs Weekly Debrief July 19, 2023

Active Set Update:

We are delighted to announce that our service providers in the Active Set are gearing up to start testing. Over the next few days, we will gain a clearer understanding of our readiness for Mainnet, reflecting the dedicated work of the Züs team. Starting tomorrow, we will initiate the process of onboarding miners and assisting them in joining the network. While this process may take a few days, we are eagerly looking forward to sharing the upcoming test results with you.

The Cloud Hustle: Bolt and Chimney

As we move closer to the launch of the Züs network, we are more than thrilled to highlight Bolt and Chimney, our pioneering apps to make the “cloud hustle” a reality for everyone.

The “cloud hustle” represents the application of the sharing economy in the cloud storage sector, where you can leverage underutilized resources, such as storage space, to create a passive income stream.

The Bolt Wallet is your gateway into this growing economy. Designed with the everyday user in mind, the Bolt Wallet provides a secure and user-friendly interface to manage your digital earnings from this side hustle. With just a few clicks, you can start earning storage income by simply staking ZCN to providers. It is more than a wallet; it is your passport to the cloud storage economy.

On the other hand, for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and spare storage capacity, Chimney is a game-changer. This platform enables you to start a cloud storage business, turning unused storage space into a revenue source. Whether you are using spare storage, or buying or renting servers, Chimney empowers you to become an active participant in the cloud storage sharing economy.

The upcoming launch of Bolt Wallet and Chimney is the dawn of a new era where anyone can actively participate in and benefit from the cloud storage economy. So, stay tuned as we edge closer to the official launch, and prepare to kickstart your very own cloud hustle!

Blockchain Updates:

Last week, the blockchain team mainly focused on closing issues and reviewing code for DEX repos. The core issue was to add a new endpoint in 0chain to get the min lock demand for updating an allocation and add an API in the gosdk repo to expose it to wasm. In the same PR, the team also located and fixed a few min lock demand related issues in the event db (the allocation min lock demand was not saved) and different ways to calculate the demand.

Meanwhile, the team discussed the implementation of round-based challenges, as detailed in issue https://github.com/0chain/0chain/issues/2399. Currently, the challenge is timestamp-based; however, as time moved forward, it made it impossible to rollback the network when needed. By adopting a round-based approach, the timestamp is no longer a problem, and the team can expire the challenge based on the network’s current round. So basically, whether the challenge is expired is determined by how far the current round is ahead of the round when the challenge was created. For example, if the challenge expiry is 100 rounds, then when the current round is 100 ahead of the challenge, it is marked as expired.

Code Review

In addition to the issues mentioned above, the team also spent days doing code review for all DEX solidity contracts, subgraph node services, and authorizers repo. This was critical for the sake of security. Still, it is worth mentioning that most of the recent changes have been positive and well-received by the Züs team.

The Züsteam also spent some time doing research about the Bluetooth protocol and figured out the outdated origin bleno package. They decided to use the forked one from https://github.com/abandonware/bleno to do the Bluetooth support for the zauth app.

Furthermore, the team merged 9 PRs in 0chain, 14 PRs in gosdk, and 12 PRs in blobbers. The following are the main ones:

  • PR #2616: Added a new read pool to the event db.
  • PR #2596: Updated settings of validator and blobber with new models.
  • PR #2621: Added check before converting int64 to uint64.
  • PR #2626: Emitted update event for used field for blobbers when allocation was canceled.
  • PR #1101: Do not send read markers for free reads.
  • PR #1077: Added multi-op fix.
  • PR #1097: Fixed encryption in multi-operation.
  • PR #1104: Took sharder consensus from wallet config.
  • PR #1110: Fixed file options.
  • PR #1103: Exposed balance get function.
  • PR #1107: Added getUpdateAllocationMinLock to wasm.
  • PR #1111: Accepted absolute path when downloading.
  • PR #1117: Fixed wasm downloading.
  • PR #1166: Do not redeem read markers for free reads.
  • PR #1160: Used a single file to avoid maintaining multiple versions of the same file.
  • PR #1173: Fixed download quota locks.
  • PR #1162: Fixed rm and wm timestamp.
  • PR #1161: Removed private key logging.
  • PR #1174: Fixed concurrent upload issue.

The Active Set is Gearing up!

Overall, the blockchain team made significant progress in resolving issues, enhancing security, and merging various pull requests across different repositories. We are tremendously excited for the future of cloud storage and its potential to create passive incomes for users. This is a major milestone in our journey to offer more services that are designed with the user’s benefit in mind. All sorts of industries, from construction to media, have already taken advantage of this technology, and now we are looking forward to doing the same with the cloud storage industry.

All of those who have been part of our journey thus far can feel confident in their choice to support us along the way – this is just another reason why we cannot thank you enough. As we continue to push forward our Active Set service providers, together we can work towards a brighter digital future where all have access to quick, secure, and affordable cloud services.

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