dStorage on the Rise | Züs Weekly Debrief – February 22, 2023

Tiago Souza
February 22, 2023
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dStorage on the Rise
dStorage on the Rise

Cloud Cover AMA

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #10), so make sure to attend on Thursday, February 23, at 9 am PST. Tomorrow Saswata will be responding to questions from the community and giving an update on the progress of Mainnet and the most anticipated App demos. Make sure to add questions on the Discord channel for Saswata to answer.

Storm of the Week:

dStorage on the Rise.

Native tokens of decentralized protocols soared last week. The adoption of decentralized storage is getting noticed in the crypto markets. Coindesk noted that storage projects like Filecoin rose 60% last week while other projects like Storij and Siacoin rose 16% significantly. Züs is still under the radar, which will soon change with its launch by showcasing the most private storage network and the first decentralized, encrypted sharing network.

dStorage on the Rise

Despite the Bear Market, Developer activity steadily increases

As noted by Coindesk, developers’ activity has significantly increased over the past three years. Even though there was a decline from 2022 to 2023, the trend continues to rise, and when compared to the 2020 bear market, activity is much higher than before. Here, you can check for yourself in Artemis, a crypto data firm.

Meanwhile, Züs has also shown an increased amount of dev activities; often being featured as one of the most active projects in the space.

Zus' dStorage on the Rise

Blockchain Team Update:

The blockchain team fixed all API system test cases and a few CLI test cases. The team expects to close all remaining cases by this week’s end with the DevOps team’s help. Last week the team mainly focused on resolving system test errors to unblock the txn fee feature. 

Chain Stuck Issue:

Meanwhile, the team kept an eye on the testnet stuck issue but, unfortunately, was unable to reproduce the stuck issue. This is because they had an issue with staking blobbers when running the Load Test, which caused the allocation creating and finalizing test not to work as expected. Hence the load test did not generate enough load on the testnet to trigger the stuck issue.

However, the team fixed the staking issue, redeployed the network, and adjusted the partition size from 100 to 10 to increase the chances of reproducing the stuck issue. 

Other issues:

Apart from the two main issues above, the team started fixing the uint64 overflow issue. They have located the place where it could happen and added logs to catch it in the PR.

This error frequently happens in one of our test environments and should be fixed soon, likely this week. In addition to the issues the team is currently working on, they have closed about 17 PRs in the 0chain repo, 6 PRs in blobber, 10 PRs in gosdk, and 7 PRs in system tests. Check below for more details:

The team implemented a code change to ensure blobbers and validators have different IDs and fixed lock pool request validation. The pool max stake checking should work per pool, not per transaction. Moreover, they fixed a 0 value of the ‘staked_at’ field on the delegate pool and added provider IDs to uniquely index delegate pools. Pool ID is not unique amongst delegate pools. This will also fix reward events and update failures. 

In addition, the dev team fixed incorrect time unit, causing reward to collect issues on the events database, and fixed `/transactions` endpoint to use `start` and `end` to search for transactions in a range of blocks.

Also, the team fixed the `value not present` error on loading the global node config and added real timeout to add_miners to not spam add_miner/add_sharder, so it is only present after transaction timeout.

Furthermore, they changed rewards for file uploaded rounded up to 64KB chunks, revised all `upsert` actions, and replaced them with the `updater’the team implemented to avoid inserting empty items even if they should not.

Moreover, the team corrected the data type of staked to common.TimeStamp, removed the collaborator feature, fixed the thumbnail bytes json unmarshal issue, and enhanced the performance of getting a random healthy sharder for txn calls on gosdk.

Lastly, they fixed writemarker commits issue after the lock expires, and another process acquires the lock, returns an error for zero thumbnail size, and corrects the ActualFileSize attribute.

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