Miner Rewards | Züs Weekly Debrief  (May 4th, 2022)

Chad Hanson
May 4, 2022
News & Updates

As we roll into May, dev progress continues to ramp up in anticipation of final rounds of testing and updates. We will dive into the code updates in the section below. Final pushes are being done in order to ensure that performance will scale to a full Active Set distribution. Also covered are some enhancements to how miner rewards are calculated and distributed. Through this, we anticipate the network to have performance that is as expected or better than internal testing.

Non-Dev Team Updates

Final modifications to marketing rollout plans have been made over the past week. You can expect this section to be a little quieter for the next few weeks. As we turn our complete focus to the deployment of our rebranding and marketing strategies. These have been worked on for several months. The website and front ends (see dev updates below) are undergoing final tweaks to match the underlying architecture, including smooth transitions, and build out the Blobber Calculator UI.

While we await the final front-end modifications for final review, we look forward to sharing our work with you. When we begin to release our new marketing content, you will see a series of releases including the website, discord community, tokenomics paper, landing pages, products & users, and the miner rewards calculator UI. This means that you can expect the updated paper following the rebrand and we will also plan to release further information about a few of our “b2b products that will cater to thousands of potential customers,” per Züs CEO Saswata Basu.

With this being the final insight to non-dev updates prior to the rollout, you will have to stick to the dev updates for now. See you in the new era 🌋

Development Team Updates

The blockchain team continues to head down working while closing 8 PRs, and 5 issues. Also, the team opened 10 new PRs in the past week. Some of the key updates this week include the method for generating challenges. When a miner selects a group of blobbers at random, it will then select a blobber that has a higher used capacity as the blobber to generate a challenge for. Following successful testing of the prior week’s progress, the API which provides information on the amount of data written in the last N blocks for a specific allocation was completed and merged. In addition, the team offers support for accessing postgres settings which makes it easier to perform deployment work.

With the above being the key PRs completed over the past week, we also continued work on an issue related to the continual build-up of open challenges which would cause panic conditions. By implementing new changes and major code refactoring, the team implemented TTL for open challenges via this PR. There were a lot of components that we refactored in this PR including, as seen in the picture below.

Additional PRs that are being reviewed include the new User ReadPool which improves performance when a file is highly accessed. We continue work on the transaction nonce support as well as the miner reward and system test PRs. With the transaction nonce PR passing testing and running smoothly, the front-end teams are building out support for this feature on our various platforms. We expect this to be pushed to the core repo following front-end modifications. The miner rewards PR is passing all our systems testing at this time and will undergo one final code review before being closed.

Blobber Updates

The blobber team has closed 8 PRs and 5 issues over the past week. The team fixed an issue with the ReadMarker owner ID when a third party was to download a file via this PR. Another improvement was made by correcting the package usage when getting blobber info from the network. We implemented an update to ensure compatibility for all workflows for the updated golang version. Finally, the blobber implemented support for json format for our /_stats endpoint. This is a big PR for the enhancement of blobber disk utilization. This fix will help avoid millions of files getting crowded into one directory. While this is still undergoing some development, it is close to completion and will undergo final testing.

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