Decentralized Storage Resource Usage | Züs Debrief  (April 6, 2022)

Chad Hanson
April 6, 2022
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Happy April everyone! As we swing into this month, you will continue to see our presence on social media. Thanks to the many of you that have noticed and interacted with me. In addition, you will soon see some marketing campaigns go into effect. You will have a chance to get involved and earn rewards. Over the past week, the dev team continues to make progress on multiple fronts. These include closing some longstanding PRs that are critical for our progression toward Active Set testing. Including optimizations regarding decentralized storage resource usage. Let’s take a look:

Blockchain & Smart Contract Team Updates

Another successful week for the blockchain and smart contract teams. They merged 16 PRs resulting in the closure of 33 issues in total. During this time, we opened 6 new PRs as well as 6 new issues.

As mentioned last week, the block blobber reward PR and blobber challenge PR were being worked on and have successfully been closed at this time. These are major accomplishments as they have been heavily reworked for an extensive period of time. These two PRs enable us to improve storage smart contracts significantly, especially for the smart contracts which generate blobber block rewards and those which issue challenges to blobbers. These updates help improve the speed at which these smart contracts execute, which is important to enable fast data transactions on our network. In turn, blobbers are paid for the services they provide and these PRs ensure that this occurs correctly.

Over the last week, we mentioned our partial state PR and lint error PR which now have been closed and pushed into the main repo. Outside of these, we have also fixed a variety of other bugs. We fixed an allocation update bug that allows users to update an allocation size via the following PR which ensures that smart contract costs are accurately reflected on the network. We merged the round info page PR which would cause a panic when querying round info in VRF phases.

Other Implementations

The team also implemented an alert GitHub action which will notify our DevOps team when there are any changes pushed into the yaml configuration. The yaml configuration is a settings location that is important for the operation of our nodes and network. Stay tuned for a more in-depth dive into this coming soon. We also made some updates to our build-and-publish docker image to include zwallet and zbox in order to make our system testing easier to use. We added a few new features in our test coverage in order to detect vulnerabilities, thus making our testing process more robust. Finally, we finished the transaction cost-related configuration migration from the local file to MPT. This goes in hand with our upgrade to MPT over the past several weeks, which significantly improved smart contract performance and speed.

Blobber Dev Team Updates Focus Decentralized Storage Resource Usage

The blobber and storage team successfully merged 10 PRs, closed 5 issues, and opened 3 new PR.

The main issue that the team addressed was related to optimizing root hash calculations. The CalculateHash() function of a blobber had inefficiencies causing postgres to go into recovery mode frequently was addressed via this PR. By preventing unnecessary processes from occurring on the blobber’s rig, we optimize efficiency, resulting in decreased decentralized storage resource usage.

During this time, the team also fixed an issue related to file collaborators that prevented them from updating a file. Now, they are able to update a file. However, they are still prevented from deleting files to prevent unwanted removal of files from the network. The team fixed a bug to address the process of getting the object tree when an allocation was empty as well as the process of creating a new folder. The team is also currently working on a db auto-migration PR, which is nearing completion at this time. While we plan to revisit this topic next week, this PR will add tags to help gorm auto-migration schemes. Stay tuned for an inside look at this next week!

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