Decentralized Storage for Business | Züs Debrief  (February 3, 2022)

Chad Hanson
February 3, 2022
News & Updates
Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is having a great week thus far. This week, we look back at the non-dev participation in conferences over the past few weeks. If you missed our calls and live streams, you can find links below to watch them. We talk about decentralized storage for business among other topics. The dev team continues to push updates including to the blockchain and storage layers. Blockchain updates have continued to solve stability issues resulting in improving stability and addressing edge-case bugs that could cause stalling. The storage team is currently optimizing scalability features and prepping for tokenomics updates.

Non-Dev Updates

On January 12th, Züs Director of Partnerships, Adrian Corcoran, spoke on the EEA Education Call: “How Decentralized Storage Works & How It Will be Used in Business and Commerce.” The video is now available for those who missed the live stream and you can view it here.

Züs COO, Mo Siam, spoke at the Blue Lava Conference hosted by Agoric. Mo discussed the role of decentralized storage in the growth of Web3 applications. Mo discussed how Züs’ development process and protocols mesh with the idea of decentralizing applications from the core storage layer, enabling smart contracts to access distributed data. If you missed it, you can listen here.

Thank you to everyone who joined our Twitter Spaces call on Sunday 1/30 to discuss Züs dev progress. The role of dStorage for enterprise and in the crypto sectors. We look forward to increasing community events such as these and Telegram Community Calls as we approach our MainNet launch and following going live. This is a great opportunity for our community to get in touch with our team, have questions answered, and share feedback with us. Thanks to all who joined!

Development Team Updates

The storage team is currently optimizing blobber databases, ensuring that storage is able to scale with increased demand as the number of files increases as well as file sizes. We expect demand to be high as we begin to offer dStorage for enterprises. To prepare for larger file sizes, the team is equipping tools to ensure that large files (>100gb) can efficiently be stored and recalled with ease. In addition, the team is enabling compatibility for our gosdk for front-end access through js through our wasm which removes the need for 0proxy. This will improve the speed for accessing files through javascript.

Regarding the blockchain layer, this past week we addressed issues that caused issues with stages 4 and 5 of our loadtest. The bugs were identified and fixed, resulting in continued progress with load test and overall network stability. The dev team addressed an issue that would cause miner panics resulting in frequent restart issues. In addition, they addressed a hash state mismatch error, which would cause chain stuck for a while when happening. This was addressed by enhancing the saving process of db settings resulting in improved responses from queries/messaging.

Other small changes included verify share errors, which could cause chain stuck and round timeout, as well as empty block issues and removing unnecessary logic for chain weight and deterministic finalization. Overall, all these updates have resulted in improved network stability. They also decreased errors even with full cluster size. In parallel with blockchain updates, the team is optimizing the smart contracts including the performance of creating/modifying storage allocations.

About Züs

Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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