Blockchain Development AMA | Züs Debrief (December 15, 2021)

Chad Hanson
December 15, 2021
AMA with Saswata

Welcome back to another week, we hope you have all had a great start to the week so far. The AMA with Züs (formerly 0Chain) CEO Saswata Basu is now live, so make sure to watch below! This interview covered a variety of topics including ongoing blockchain development progress, goals for mainnet, and more. Thank you to the community for sharing your questions — keep your eyes open for more AMAs in the future!

A rather light week on updates as many things were covered in the interview, but nonetheless, let us dive into some smaller updates:

Non-Dev Updates: UI/UX Updates

Our UI/UX design team is finalizing the wireframes for the mobile storage app. They also implemented the first round of feedback into the storage app’s web and desktop wireframes. The logos for the storage app and wallet app are in their final revision phase. The primary logo mark for mainnet is near final, with only small adjustments remaining (rounding out edges, subtle touch-up, etc). Our website team has completed the first flow for the explorer and has released a beta sample of the new website, enabling us to experiment with the site’s live navigation and make adjustments accordingly.

The finalization of the mobile storage app is important as it allows us to fully pass off the app to engineering for implementation. It also allows us to reference the flow on the mobile app and apply it to the desktop/web with small adaptations and optimizations. The completion of logos is key for branding. The new style can be deployed into the apps and website. This allows us to shape a consistent personality and style around all apps. The explorer is vital for status checking and monitoring network growth. We are quite excited about the information that will be fed into the explorer and displayed to the end user.

Dev Team Updates

The dev team continues to make progress on multiple fronts throughout this past week. 0Box and 0Wallet have seen minor updates for edge cases as well as small optimization features while further collaborating with the UI/UX team to ensure the backend functionality is compatible with the front-end design. Core storage functionality continues to endure system testing resulting in the optimization of repair allocation processes.

In addition, the team has begun to build out new API endpoints, giving users and developers access to accurate information about blobbers (think similarly to info that will be presented to users on the front end, as mentioned in the non-dev section). After successfully scaling to large clusters over the past several weeks, the blockchain team has implemented numerous updates resulting in enhanced network stability. During recent tests, the team identified small areas of optimization to improve block notarization processes for sharders. Overall, recent blockchain progress has been successful resulting in sustained network stability. The team continues to research and progress its plan for future updates to the blockchain layer. We hope to share more insight in the future.

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