Züs (formerly 0Chain) is pleased to announce its collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD and Morpheus Labs.  Together we promote the adoption and growth of our decentralized storage network. The HUAWEI CLOUD x Morpheus Labs Launchpad provides two key benefits respectively: Huawei will provide a wider audience network to proliferate the branding of Züs; Morpheus Labs will […]

Züs (Formerly 0Chain) is excited to announce its integration with Clover Finance.  Clover Finance enables developers to bridge DeFi applications from Ethereum to Polkadot. Clover Finance will leverage Züs to distribute dApp files across the distributed web to bring the first fully censorship-resistant data storage and DeFi experience. Through this integration, third-party dApp builders deploying […]

Züs and Band Protocol Züs (formerly 0Chain) is pleased to announce an integration with Band Protocol. Band Protocol is the market leader for secure and customizable decentralized oracles. These enable data streaming from Band Oracles to provide metadata mapping, token price feeds, and more. Band Protocol’s customizable oracle framework used by major DeFi and blockchain […]

Züs (formerly 0Chain) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the decentralized blockchain pioneer Geeq Corporation. Together through this collaboration, we will work on providing low-cost, high-throughput data validation, storage, and retrieval methods at scale. This provides many benefits including many IoT solutions. Both projects are well-positioned to provide infrastructure for the future economy’s […]

The collaboration will initially involve the storage of data for Fuse payment communities. This includes the community profiles displayed on the Studio. It will expand and secure DeFi services and explore the role of decentralized storage for DeFi As blockchain technology continues to advance, it has provided emerging use cases that are critical aspects of our […]

Züs (formerly 0Chain) is pleased to announce a partnership with API3 to enhance GDPR-compliant decentralized storage with privacy and security on its network. API3’s Airnode is a serverless oracle node that is operated by API providers. It acts as a gateway between traditional Web APIs and smart contracts running on blockchains, connecting smart contracts to […]

Wanchain and Züs (formerly 0Chain) are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Wanchain’s industry-leading blockchain interoperability expertise with Züs’ high-performance decentralized storage network. Together they are part of the roadmap toward the future of DeFi. With DeFi beginning to spill into mainstream consciousness, the need for decentralized blockchain interoperability and […]

With an estimated 41 billion IoT Devices by 2027 and over 90% of Executives stating that IoT is critical to their business, there is a dire need for a decentralized data cloud storage solution. Centralized storage systems are approaching their limits while the rate at which data is consumed continues to rise. Züs (formerly 0Chain) offers an […]

Züs (formerly 0Chain) is pleased to announce a partnership with Kylin Network. Over the coming months, Kylin will leverage Züs’ Proxy Re-Encryption to enhance data security and privacy in their data marketplace. Mo Siam, COO of Züs, states “we are extremely excited to partner with Kylin Network, a data marketplace with analytics and a data-oracle set […]