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The Future of DeFi with Züs and Wanchain

Chad Hanson
April 2, 2021
Partnership updates

Wanchain and Züs (formerly 0Chain) are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Wanchain’s industry-leading blockchain interoperability expertise with Züs’ high-performance decentralized storage network. Together they are part of the roadmap toward the future of DeFi.

With DeFi beginning to spill into mainstream consciousness, the need for decentralized blockchain interoperability and storage solutions is at an all-time high. The Wanchain-Züs partnership brings together decades of global experience in business and technology development to empower developers to build groundbreaking cross-chain applications to power the future of DeFi. Just as importantly, the two innovative companies share a vision for the future of blockchain.

Wanchain is the world’s premier decentralized blockchain interoperability solution. They have been building their cross-chain infrastructure since 2017. In early 2021, Wanchain launched the world’s 1st decentralized BTC-ETH direct bridge. Wanchain also offers decentralized bridges connecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOSIO, XRP Ledger, and Binance Smart Chain, with other chains such as Polkadot on the horizon. All of Wanchain’s different cross-chain integrations are supported by Universal Multichain Bridges powered by unified decentralized collateral pools, maintained by Wanchain’s Storeman nodes.

Züs offers an enterprise-grade decentralized storage network (DSN) at the edge cloud with core-cloud prices; all the while maintaining high data availability and redundancy, low latency, as well as enabling data privacy & protection regulatory compliance (GDPR) by design. We bring asset (storage) backed tokens to the future of DeFi

“Züs’ approach to decentralization is a perfect philosophical fit for Wanchain,” said Li Ni, Wanchain VP of Business Development and Operations. “Together, we will unlock the full potential of true DeFi.”

The scope of the partnership is threefold:

  1. Züs will launch and operate a Wanchain Storeman node, beginning with the fifth Storeman Group. Züs’ Storeman node is the first step towards bringing 0Chain’s decentralized storage to WanChain’s users and clientele.
  2. Wanchain and Züs will create and provide initial liquidity for a WAN/ZCN pair on Wanswap, a community-run cross-chain DEX. This is in addition to the existing WASP/ZCN pair that’s been recently added to WanSwap.
  3. Wanchain and Züswill jointly determine the feasibility of integrating Züs’ decentralized & distributed storage technology into Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure.

As an indication of the commitment to the partnership, Wanchain and Züshave completed a token swap.

Mo Siam, Züs Director of Operations, notes that “Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure and T-Bridge framework complements and enables Züs’ vision in bringing enterprise grade decentralized storage to multiple chains, whether private or public, seamlessly.

We anticipate the next wave in DeFi shall be one that unlocks value from data sets; and the underlying bedrock for this wave shall be interoperability and decentralized storage networks flexible enough to provide high throughput, compete with incumbents on functionality, compliance and cost; yet securely & verifiably store and keep data ownership & control in the hands of its true owners; those that create, generate or buy it.”

About Wanchain

True DeFi is interoperable — Wanchain is the world’s premier decentralized blockchain interoperability solution. Our mission is to drive blockchain adoption through interoperability by building fully decentralized bridges that connect the world’s many siloed blockchain networks. This cross-chain infrastructure empowers developers to build truly decentralized cross-chain applications to power the future of DeFi.

About Züs

Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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