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The Role of Decentralized Storage for DeFi with Züs and Fuse

Chad Hanson
May 28, 2021
Partnership updates

The collaboration will initially involve the storage of data for Fuse payment communities. This includes the community profiles displayed on the StudioIt will expand and secure DeFi services and explore the role of decentralized storage for DeFi

As blockchain technology continues to advance, it has provided emerging use cases that are critical aspects of our modern digital lives. It has enabled reliable and relatively low-cost transfer and storage of value without the involvement of centralized intermediaries, as well as the permissionless posting and interaction with persistent pieces of code known as “smart contracts”.

Despite significant progress in scaling layer-one blockchain networks, and the subsequent need for layer-two solutions, it remains abhorrently expensive to store data directly on these blockchain protocols. As a result, many decentralized applications (dApps) remain tethered to centralized systems for data storage in order to provide the enterprise-grade storage that they need. Current decentralized solutions, such as IPFS, have failed to meet the needs of startups, developers, and businesses. In addition, such protocols do not guarantee that the files uploaded on nodes will remain stored and rapidly retrievable at scale. Züs provides the much-desired decentralized storage network that will play a critical role in bringing Web 3.0 to fruition. This also solves the problem of secure storage for ledgers that track transfers. This is the solution provided by decentralized storage for DeFi.

Fuse: Turning Communities into Thriving Economies

Fuse is a public blockchain that allows companies and individuals to access secure and frictionless mobile payments with ease. As part of its core mission, Fuse aims to make crypto payments and decentralized finance (DeFi) available to the masses. In order for this to be possible, not only do the products and dApps built on Fuse need to be decentralized in nature, they must also be simple to use. The goal is for users to use these products without awareness that they are leveraging blockchain technology.

Fuse to Integrate Züs Storage

Züs’ platform enables applications running on Fuse to securely store data of any size while also detaching from centralized storage options. The first step in our collaboration with Fuse will be to implement our dStorage layer into their network to store data for payment communities created and managed through Fuse Studio.

Following the successful integration of part one, Fuse plans to utilize Züs’ decentralized storage network to host user profiles of their consumer-facing wallet Fuse Cash, and, potentially, the metadata for NFTs to be issued on Fuse. Following the integration of Züs’ metadata into Fuse smart contracts, every community and project being developed on Fuse will be able to integrate their tech with Züs and thus become fully decentralized without sacrificing usability. When building a decentralized ecosystem there is a need for decentralized storage. In finance, we see that, and that is why decentralized storage for DeFi is important.

About Fuse

Fuse Network is a scalable platform for token-using applications built upon an Ethereum-compatible proof-of-stake blockchain. Its key components are Fuse Studio, Fuse white label wallet, the native DEX FuseSwap, and the Fuse Cash consumer-facing payment wallet. True to its mission of bringing crypto-powered payments to the masses, Fuse enables the rapid and low-cost creation of communities around customized tokens. Among the projects already running on Fuse are GoodDollarCuraDAI, and Comunitaria.

About Züs

Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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