NFT UI | Züs Weekly Debrief (February 9, 2022)

Chad Hanson
February 9, 2022
News & Updates

Over the past week, the team continues to perform code updates and conduct testing. Notably, we have seen many code pushes come through for the core blockchain layer and smart contracts. The storage team optimizes blobber functionality. The team continues to progress with internal testing as well, which will be highlighted more in the coming weeks. Thanks again to everyone who joined the Twitter Spaces last weekend to discuss Züs, NFT UI, and dStorage. Keep an eye out for more of these in the future!

Non-Dev Updates

The UIs for our wallet and storage apps have been finalized and shipped to devs for implementation. The team continues to make progress on our explorer page to ensure it is the right fit for users and developers alike. Meanwhile, the team is also in progress of finalizing our NFT UI. They have plans to continue to progress with this over the coming weeks. Soon to have it shipped to devs for implementation. Following the finalization of certain details (including timelines for tokenomics, Active Set testing, explorer, apps, etc) over the coming weeks, the team will then begin to ramp up pre-mainnet marketing materials.

For those who missed our Twitter Spaces conversation, it is still available for replay here. In last week’s Space, we were joined by one of the devs, Ryan. He elaborated on his role in writing systems tests for new code pushes. Ryan discussed the importance of testing at multiple steps along the way to ensure that code that is pushed to the master repo is functioning appropriately as well as to prevent the introduction of new bugs into the system.

Development Team Updates

Over the past week, the team has continued to progress with multiple aspects of our code base. While some in the community have noted code push to the staging branch from our staging stabilization branch. Many of these updates were in reference to last week’s updates. We saw progress with db settings, empty block state syncing issues, and other optimizations which improved network stability. In addition to this, the team has fixed a long-standing memory leak issue which affected the stabilization issues seen on the blockchain network. Following many rounds of testing and potential fixes, the team was able to implement a fix to help improve the memory leak and overall network stability. Further updates were done to address resource starvation of sharders during slow postgres.

Load Tests

While these fixes have been implemented, the blockchain team has also begun progress on other areas. They anticipate continuing to make progress in the coming week(s). As a result of our extensive load tests and system tests, the team is able to conduct testing in parallel to pushing new code updates which have allowed them to see areas that continue to need attention and improvement. As a result of said testing, they are currently working to optimize MPT access speed via a caching wrapper which will enable significant performance improvements once finished. In addition, the team is also working on smart contract optimization in order to reduce execution and subsequently improve blobber functionality for reads/writes and connection as well as potential issues causing miners to timeout. The optimization of smart contracts will be the heavy focus in the following weeks but is well underway as seen here.

Devs are working hard and chiming into our community chats

While the blockchain and smart contract teams continue to progress, the storage layer is seeing improvements in overall functionality with notable improvements to blobber performance. We look to provide more insight into some of this progress in the following weeks. In addition, we will also have more updates next week regarding our testing processes. The team is currently finishing off CLI testing and will then progress to API testing.

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