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Züs July 2021 Recap: NFT Features

Chad Hanson
August 5, 2021
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While the team continues to progress on View Change and blockchain onboarding. Today we also take a peek at protocol, SDK, and NFT features.

MainNet Progress

Over the past several weeks, the Züs (formerly 0Chain) development team has continued to make progress on many aspects of our platform which will be open to all following the successful launch of our MainNet. We will go over the progress and highlight some NFT features coming to 0chain. As protocols and features continue to be fine-tuned, as seen on GitHub, the community can expect major code merges to be occurring throughout this week and the next. Over the past several weeks, the 0Chain team has been internally testing large features on individual chains prior to the code merge. While the developers continue to build, the main tasks remaining include integration and load testing. Let’s take a look at the updates in different areas

View Change:

View Change is the protocol that enables miners and sharders to onboard to our blockchain, enabling successful staking of tokens and the start of running the chain. 0Chain CEO Saswata Basu notes that progress on View Change is “going well. We are still debugging the core issue while optimizing other parts of the code. We now have multiple developers looking at it and working on it, so we expect it to be resolved soon.” Following final debugging and internal testing, the 0Chain team anticipates an additional couple of weeks of load testing with the active set. A launch can occur when all goes well with the Active Set testing. More info will be released throughout the next week in an AskFeebs episode!

PRE and Sharing Protocol

Throughout the extended development time, 0Chain developers have been able to expand testing and discover further edge cases and bugs that warranted updates to enhance the protocol thus making it more robust. This includes the revocation of shared file access and time-based access of shared files and folders

Adding gosdk-wasm which will enable direct interaction with storage providers via browser without 0proxy. Development and updates are being added for gosdk and jssdk with the intent of additions to java, python, and rust down the road.

Compatibility: S3, IPFS

Following the successful launch of MainNet, 0Chain aims to onboard numerous data sets from individuals, startups, and large corporations. The majority of enterprises leverage centralized options such as Amazon’s AWS S3. Some startups may leverage a decentralized option such as IPFS. The 0Chain team is completing migration tools for S3 and IPFS, which will simplify the process of customers transferring or backing up their data into our network. With this, we include some usability progress on certain NFT features.

Ecosystem Tools:

The 0Chain team continues to enhance error reporting, and documentation, and build environments and tools to onboard developers. These critical tasks will simplify the onboarding process for service providers and users, promoting quick adoption of our storage platform. By enhancing the error reporting process and documentation, 0Chain aims to create an easy-to-use set of tools for developers to quickly begin building on the network. This further expands applications available for countless use cases.


As noted on GitHub, 0Chain’s involvement in Magma continues to develop. Over the past several months, the team has made progress on its protocol intended to disrupt the LTE and data bandwidth market. Recently, 0Chain completed its phase 1 testing with its collaborative partners. Phase 1 includes a lab demo with a setup of an operator with users switching between cellular networks and wifi networks seamlessly using 0Chain’s bandwidth marketplace platform.

NFT Features:

Following the successful launch of MainNet, Züs will offer the following features for NFTs to enhance the creator and owner experience. Over the coming weeks, Züs’ Head of IT, Sculptex, will be providing developer insight into use cases, applications, POCs, and more!

  • Multi-Payer pool for NFT Storage Permanency: before the buyer purchases the NFT, they will take comfort from understanding the pre-paid time period for storage with each allocation. Once the NFT is purchased, the buyer may continue and pre-pay their own storage allocation for their NFT
  • SLA Layer with Integrated Data Transfer: high-level security protocol to safeguard NFT assets before completion of sale and assets transfer. Our storage solution allows us to couple the NFT lifecycle to the underlying asset lifecycle. With our architecture & PRE (Proxy Re-Encryption) technology, the NFT’s underlying asset is safeguarded from point of sale through to completion and asset transfer, in tandem with the NFT sale itself.
  • Allow mutable NFTs for Video & Livestream Events: High-speed dStorage for Video Gaming NFTs. NFTs have typically been associated with static images thus far; with Züs’ allocation approach, that changes. Users may now do gaming video streaming and multi-format assets per NFT. There is no longer a limitation to static NFT assets. Pay-per-View events for Artists and Creators to monetize their work through a direct business-to-consumer transaction. This enables them to have complete control and generate more revenue.
  • Allow Multiple Assets for NFTs: artists may provide their art piece with different resolutions and aspect ratios into one storage allocation; where the allocation and the NFT are coupled.

About Züs

Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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