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Code Development | Züs Weekly Debrief (December 8, 2021)

Chad Hanson
December 8, 2021
News & Updates

Happy Wednesday! This week is a rather quiet week for our team, so we dive into some of the ongoing processes in the background to enhance both our code development and onboarding of future service providers. Thank you to the community for submitting all your questions for the AMA! We hope to have the video out next week for all to enjoy.

Non-Dev Updates

While the UI team continues to collaborate with the development team, this week we look at our Support Desk buildout. As we approach the launch of MainNet, it is important that Züs offers a support system for service providers and users alike. This week, the team conducted initial research and planning to build out the platform. The initial emphasis of the platform will include a series of knowledge articles for service providers, a community forum, and support ticket processes. The knowledge articles will cover a variety of topics to assist with onboarding and troubleshooting common errors along the way. The team is currently in the progress of populating the platform with content, developing new articles, and enhancing the layout. Developing this platform will not only benefit current Active Set members but will also decrease the barriers to onboarding future service providers down the line. This will also help anyone who later becomes involved with code development. Following the development of initial articles, we will also begin the buildout phase of our support desk for dStorage users. Thanks again to everyone who posted their questions for Saswata. I will be getting on a call this weekend with Saswata and hope to have the video out sometime next week. Stay tuned!

Development Team Updates and Code Development

This past week, the team completed updates to the method by which we submit new code development to the master branch. This new process helps ensure that the new updates do not cause issues elsewhere. By automating this process, the team not only improves its speed in pushing updates, but it also helps reduce the number of bugs that could be introduced into the system while continually scanning for old ones. During this time, the Magma team has completed platform testing resulting in Byzantine updates as well as conducted a series of benchmark testing.

0Box and 0Wallet

Over the last week, the team conducted further UI tests for 0Box and 0Wallet Android versions. During this time, they have also completed minor code cleanups for 0Box iOS. The team is currently in the progress of completing further UI tests while also working on design implementation for 0Box iOS. Recently, we have completed three new screens which are currently undergoing review.


The blockchain team continues to optimize network performance while conducting further testing. Some of the key updates this week include optimizing VRF share complete speeds and LFMB syncing processes. By addressing these, miners and sharders improve their ability to correctly broadcast and interpret the active status of a node which can impact its ability to send/receive messages. During this time, the team is ensuring updates to the blockchain layer remain compatible with our storage layer. In addition, the team has conducted research and submitted initial proposals for future blockchain updates. This will be reviewed and progressed over the coming weeks.

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Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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