Blobber Update | Züs Weekly Debrief (June 8, 2022)

Chad Hanson
June 8, 2022
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Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is doing well and is having a great week. The dev team continues to chip away at the remaining issues. The blockchain and blobber update teams are addressing pertinent issues. Our UI teams are finalizing application and website workflows and interactive content.

While we remain committed to limiting too many details being shared prior to launching our rebranded website. We can say that with new applications, and marketing materials, the non-dev team continues to ramp up their work. Züs has been rounding out our internal marketing, biz dev, and operational teams. We are implementing numerous strategies to help make our launch as successful as possible.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our wallet referral program. We are thrilled with the initial response! If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for our storage application, which will intertwine an intuitive UI to simplify user interaction with Züs’ underlying blockchain storage network. Keep your eyes tuned for a few more landing pages coming soon regarding some of our upcoming products.

Development Team Updates

Continuing off last week’s progress, the blockchain team closed 14 PRs and 11 issues in the Züs repo. As noted last week, the run sharder node in full nodes PR has now been completed and merged. This PR helps address some issues that could occur during block fetching. Thus making the integrity of the network more robust while ensuring the accuracy of block history. A modification was made through the blobber challenges PR to address an issue that could occur if the blobber had numerous expired allocations, which would impact its probability of being selected for challenges by miners. By doing this, we ensure fairness of rewards amongst nodes as well as improve the efficiency of the challenge process. This challenge modification, along with others, reflects overall changes to tokenomics that will be further discussed alongside the release of interactive content, articles, and token economics paper.

API Endpoints

A bug was fixed for API endpoints, which would cause an error during an API call to search the event db for blocks via hash lookup. This has now been resolved. A few new APIs were added, including those which pull total data storedcapacity, geolocation, and read/write prices. It is important to have updated and accurate API streams to properly convey information to front end systems. Systems such as our explorer. The new explorer page will provide key information, and statistics regarding blobbers. This will play a role in node selection by businesses and developers. Support was added for updating validator settings smart contract, which previously only supported blobber updates.

Finally, we saw the refactoring of our user read pool structure. This issue was mentioned several weeks ago, so let’s review the issue and why it’s important. Züs’ architecture allows owners to access their stored files with ease; however, it also enables a visitor to access the file via public or encrypted sharing. Our protocol allows for the owner of the pool to require the visitor to pay the read cost. By doing so, our old implementation created an owner read pool and would create as many as needed visitor read pools. This update addresses the unnecessary creation of infinite pools, thus reducing unneeded transactions and enhancing network performance.

We have also identified and discussed the slow MPT pruning issues and have begun implementation on a fix. We anticipate seeing significant progress during this week’s code sprint. The underlying issue arises during the nodes scanning themselves and the data being stored. The processes to scan and remove unneeded data from the node would benefit from improved logic to reduce speed and prevent the overuse of node resources during this process.

Blobber Update

Alongside the blockchain team’s successful week, the blobber team saw the completion of 6 PRs and 8 issues on the blobber repo. In parallel to the above-mentioned refactoring of the user read pool structure, modifications were required on the blobber side and have now been implemented. The team also fixed a panic issue that would occur on auto migration, which could cause unexpected issues, as well as further, complicate dev ops work in the future. The team also removed redundant processes that occurred during json encode/decode and this PR helps run challenge commit transactions in parallel, both of which improve our storage network performance. Finally, the team addressed a bug that would occur during a bl-info or bl-update command, which is an issue that arises during the synching process of blobber settings. Thank you for reading.

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