Benchmark Testing | Züs Weekly Debrief (October 26, 2022)

Clarke McMakin
October 31, 2022
News & Updates

Happy Wednesday! Last week the blockchain team closed 13 PRs and 6 tracked issues on the Züs repo, as well as 9 PRs on gosdk & blobber repos. Beyond the merged PRs, the team worked on benchmark testing errors and implemented the snapshot event database feature. In addition, they refactored the partition package to make it easier to use, and to accelerate smart contracts from the minersc. Check for more details below:

Blockchain Team

  • The blockchain team is hard at work improving the performance of smart contracts based on theirs. In their next steps, they will conduct more benchmark testing. The tests will identify which ones need some help in order to increase their efficiency even further!
  • The team’s work on refactoring the partitions package has been a great success! In order to make it easier for users, we’ve added an index of locations within each individual partition so that they do not need to maintain this manually.
  • Location indexes were cached when loading a partition to get locations without referring to MPT.
  • AllMinersList and AllShardersList were replaced with partitions. Previously two places stored the miner nodes in the MPT, the single miner node and the AllMinersList. Since AllMinersList stores all the miner nodes’ info in one MPT node, previously, each time a miner had to update, all nodes had to load from the MPT, update, and save the generated list back to the MPT, and beyond that, also update the single miner node. This whole process needed to be faster, taking about 13ms to finish. The same also happened with sharders. The time for the smart contract to update its node health check saw a reduction from about 13ms to 2.5ms!
  • We fixed the issue to return an error instead of continuing when minimal validators numbers are not met when generating challenges.
  • New benchmark testing has been added to ensure the resilience of an invalid block with the wrong round seed.
  • The blockchain team added blobber conductor tests.
  • They have fixed the wrong block generation conductor tests.
  • The developers made some corrections to the error messages that are given when getting blocks API.
  • Benchmark tests panic fixed on payFee smart contracts.
  • The smart contract configs on the Genesis block were initialized by our team.

Blobber & Gosdk

  • The team fixed security warnings that were reported by code scanning.
  • All of the code that was duplicated in our mobile SDK has been removed.
  • The zcnbridge ‘MintWZCN’ operation has been fixed.
  • To avoid resource locking, we added a second before retrying to download files.

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