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Storage Allocations | Züs Weekly Debrief (October 6, 2021)

Chad Hanson
October 6, 2021
News & Updates


We are pleased to announce that $ZCN is now available on Sifchain with ongoing LP rewards. In addition, we take a look at the continued progress toward 0Box and 0Wallet code releases. Make sure to read on to learn more and how to participate in the Sifchain Reward Pool! More news coming in the following week regarding an AMA and partnership update. First, let us take a look at storage allocations.

Sculptex’s Use Case of The Week: Storage Allocations

“This week I’m going to give a breakdown of our Storage Allocations and why they are such a crucial part of our platform. Our allocations provide by far the most versatile and transparent storage mechanism amongst the various distributed storage platforms I have evaluated.

Before anything can be stored on Züs , an allocation needs to be created. An allocation is basically a contract between the users wallet and a number of Blobbers who agree to a storage provision with specified criteria for a certain period.

You may already know that the data is Erasure Coded across many Blobbers. Part of the Blobber selection process is to filter by price and other criteria but there is also provision to only include Blobbers from a certain geo-location for example (as might be required by GDPR).

The required number of user tokens get locked (into a write pool) and the Blobbers get paid from these as they provide evidence to the miners of their storage activity. The unspent tokens can be unlocked and returned to the user from an expired allocation (subject to a minimum amount).

Allocations can also be extended prior to expiry to ensure perpetuation of storage (without having to re-upload files). All this gives incredible flexibility, especially when combined with the miner challenges which independently monitor ‘blobber health’.

The user can have extremely high confidence (statistically) that if the Blobbers used in their Storage Allocations are successfully responding to miner challenges, their data is intact without the need to download and check.”

Magma: Züs’ Role

Züs will be the global provider of Free WiFi capacity. In this model, Züs will incentivize capacity providers to buy access points, stake, and earn tokens for providing capacity and based on usage.

Züs Open Reward Model

The Züs open reward model encourages any sponsor such as Facebook, DT, or the Government to add tokens to the open reward pool to incentivize capacity offload. The open reward concept is such that a sponsor can set aside rewards for decentralized owners of OpenWRT Access Points (AP) within a campus (University), region (Downtown), or a particular environment (stadium).

Currently, we have the following scheme which offers a coarse or granular control of the rewards. A sponsor can set the rewards for:

  • a) ALL Providers,
  • b) a specific Provider for ALL their access points or
  • c) a specific Access Point belonging to the Provider.

Züs smart-contract settlement and dynamic terms

The Züs smart contract allows for on-chain settlement of data usage tokens between the Operator and the Provider (and their APs) as the user goes through seamless connectivity with the APs. These settlement protocols have the following features:

  • A) It allows asynchronous accounting while enabling seamless connectivity at the telecom layer. This provides a high-quality seamless experience to the user. A user watching a video won’t experience any performance degradation as they get offloaded on an augmented network.
  • B) It allows dynamic price and QoS terms set by the AP owner or Provider based on demand patterns. Thereby maximizing revenue potential for the AP owner.
  • C) It allows current HotSpot Providers (such as Boingo) to join our network and provide dynamic pricing terms for their APs with Operators and maximize their revenue.
  • D) It allows current Enterprises to join our network and provide dynamic price terms with Operators to maximize discounted service in their environment and enjoy high-quality service.

Züs Protocols are designed to prevent Fraud

In a decentralized scheme, an important goal is to prevent cheating by Byzantine (bad) actors. Our protocols prevent an AP or a Provider or User from cheating the system and mine data tokens. Also, we prevent the Operator or Sponsor from cheating the AP and Provider if they do not provide funds for their services.

Non-Dev Updates

General Overview

Liquidity rewards are now available on Sifchain. We encourage our community to take the time to read more about Sifchain and how you can participate by reading this article. The marketing team continues to make way for our interactive content while also working toward improving the user experience of our upcoming 0Box and 0Wallet apps. Storage allocations have been streamlined.


In addition to our listing on Sifchain and LP rewards, we will be hosting an AMA with the Sifchain team in our Telegram channel. We look forward to opening our community to their team. We want to respond to any questions you may have about Sifchain, how to participate in their pools, etc!

Content (Website, Branding, Interactive Content)

The general framework for the interactive content has been finalized. The interactive content will prioritize explaining allocation creation and expand from allocation to storage features and use cases. In addition to interactive progress, we have begun the interviewing phase for UI/UX developers to augment the 0Box and 0Wallet apps,

The finalization of the interactive content is important because we now have a landscape for the interactive experience. This landscape allows us to progress quickly into the creation and implementation phases of the experience. The augmentation of our in-app UI/UX will add more polish to our key apps and bring them on-brand with the new overall theme.


As mentioned previously, our community can now trade and/or LP on Sifchain. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Sifchain team as we explore further initiatives to leverage our storage solution.

Development Team Updates

General Overview

This week has overseen great progress in the areas of blockchain performance and stability in addition to feature additions to our applications and internal process improvements to testing and validation. We recently implemented our new automated test tools which have caught a few bugs prior to code updates and showcasing tools to potential clients. Bug fixes are pivoting from recent code to working back through older code which suggests our new processes are working as intended.

0Box and 0Wallet

The team continues its 2-week code sprint. For 0Box, the team has finalized Android versions however continues to finalize a few iOS features. Minor UI updates are being made for more simplified usage of the app and setting of storage allocations. The 0Wallet team has been checking off numerous support tickets with only one final ticket remaining. This means that we will soon see the public release of our open-source repo! We look forward to sharing these with you in the near future.


The blockchain team continues its testing which has identified bugs that cause high CPU usage which impacts a miner’s ability to sync blocks successfully. As the team finds these bugs and implements fixes, they continue to scale the cluster for testing. These new code updates along with minor bug fixes have been successfully merged with the existing codebase. The team will continue to perform testing with the blockchain layer over the coming week.

About Züs

Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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