Züs Character | Weekly Debrief — February 08, 2023

Tiago Souza
February 9, 2023
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Züs Character Weekly Update
Züs Character Weekly Update

Züs Character | Cloud Cover

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be hosting our Cloud Cover AMA (Ecclesia #9), so make sure to attend on Thursday, February 09, at 9am PST. Feel free to add questions to our AMA channel on our Discord for our CEO, Saswata to respond to. Tomorrow, get excited to meet a new character. Saswata will be unveiling the Züs character during the AMA session. We can hardly contain our anticipation.

Want a sneak peek of the Züs character? Join the Discord discussion!

Now let’s dive into this week’s update!

Mainnet Update

There are 117 issues remaining, 44 on 0chain. We are confident more issues will be completed within the next week; 10 of these are already fixed and on staging. We cannot wait to see Mainnet up and running soon!

Storm of the Week

OpenAI competitors are responding to the ChatGPT success.

With the astonishing success of ChatGPT, companies like Google and Microsoft are now releasing their own AI chatbots. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the launch of their own AI bot at a press conference. A preview is already available on their search engine Bing. Their AI solution will later also be available on Microsoft Edge as a copilot to give their users a better search experience with the ability to create content. 

Also, Google just announced the release of their own AI bot version, Bard, to compete with ChatGPT. It is still in the testing phase, but you can read more about it here.

AI-related cryptocurrencies are rallying.

With the current trend of AI, likely because of the rise of OpenAI, AI-related crypto projects are rallying across the crypto space. These projects include our partners Ocean Protocol and Fetch.ai, which truly deserve attention and recognition for their accomplishments and vision. At Züs, we are full of optimism about the potential for AI to transform data storage. As it continues on its trajectory towards widespread adoption, this cutting-edge technology is becoming an increasingly important driver in today’s digital landscape. AI will create a vast amount of synthetic data, needing a scalable, performant, and secure solution like Züs!

Blockchain Team Update:

Last week the team mainly focused on investigating the chain stuck issue. The blockchain team concluded the issue in partition processing affected both ‘finalize_allocation’ and ‘new_allocation_request’ SCs. The ‘finalize_allocation’ SC removes allocation from blobbers in partitions, and the ‘last partition is empty, corrupt data’ error is seen again. Regarding the ‘new_allocation_request’ SC, it adds new allocation to blobbers in partitions leading to an inconsistent MPT state after being added. The issue was bizarre, as unit tests could not reproduce the bug.

As a response, the team conducted several rounds of tests to verify a few assumptions. The first one is the chain got stuck because of a genesis-block re-entry, which changed the state database after restarting. Hence leading to the inconsistent MPT state. Unfortunately, the assumption was not correct. Even though the team fixed this issue, the chain stuck issue continued. The second assumption that there was a bug in the partitions package. Because of that, the team has done some minor fixes in the partition package and setup other tests and will see the results later. 

In addition to the chain-stuck investigation, the team is performing load and chaos tests and fixing several bugs in the loadTest repo. The issues were mainly related to the network failure progress logic and unnecessary long waiting time. Also, they detected and fixed a new random map accessing, causing a ‘state hash mismatch’ error in ‘zcnsc. Mint’ SC. The team will do a global repo search for the random map accessing code later and then conductor unit tests for all SCs to ensure that an SC with the same start MPT state and input, no matter how many times it runs, should always result in the same state, i.e., the same state root hash. You may check the fixes here. Also, the team implemented a simple sorted map to resolve the random map accessing issue to replace all the maps in SCs later. The first version of the ‘sortedmap’ can be found here.

Beyond these issues, the team also:

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