Smart Contract Storage | Züs Weekly Debrief (January 19, 2022)

Chad Hanson
January 19, 2022
News & Updates

Thanks to everyone who joined in on our impromptu Space Force call today! We look forward to doing more community events like this in the future, especially in the build-up to mainnet. This week, the community saw the initial release of landing pages that enable early access to our 0Wallet and 0Box applications. The dev team continues to progress with blockchain updates while enhancing the process for future smart contract storage and protocol upgrades. The team is also in the full progress of building out the newly updated applications and web explorer by connecting back-end tech to the front-end interfaces.

Non-Dev Updates

A quick shout-out to our community for always sharing great ideas, asking good questions, and posting their favorite gifs. Let us know if you would like to have more community calls by sharing with us on Telegram or Twitter. This week, the landing pages were made public for the community to get early access to the 0Wallet and 0Box. This is intended to incentivize an early user base, which can test and share their experience of our Apps. Notably, the landing page is not part of the rebrand, but a temporary placeholder while the rebrand is being worked on. We look forward to revealing our rebrand and UI updates in the future. Go to our website and register to get early access!

Thanks for the idea, Razzzzzzzzzzzz!

Development Team Updates

The dev team continues to collaborate with the UI teams during the build-out phase of our explorer and application UI updates. This collaboration includes building new API endpoints for our explorer page to interact with. The explorer page acts as a home for Züs network activity. Users, developers, and enterprises will have access to a myriad of statistics at their disposal. Throughout the past week, small back end updates have been made for the front-end display. During this time, critique and feedback have resulted in the reworking of some UI features to improve user experience.

The blockchain team continues to make progress on both network stability issues as well as network upgrade capabilities. The team was able to reorganize code that will improve the efficiency of smart contracts and protocol upgrades. By implementing code for the versioning upgrades to be packaged in a unique manner, the team made it able to be used by both smart contract storage and protocol. This is done through a few processes, including the implementation of improved messaging systems that help ensure version compatibility as well as avoid potential performance issues.

Memory Leak Issue

This past week, the large network was used heavily to debug a memory leak issue which is currently being addressed. As noted in our community call, some updates have been made to the eventdb, which helps to order transactions and maintain history. Through these updates, the team has implemented code that will be used to prioritize the order of transactions. These code updates help ensure miners are able to maintain consensus amongst blocks by processing messages in the proper order. This feature is also commonly used on other platforms, such as to execute the transaction with the highest gas fee before those with lower fees. The addition of a nonce field on transactions enables:

if tx1.nonce < tx2.nonce, then transaction tx1 must be executed before tx2, nonce is unique for current client. If tx2 follows tx1 and there is no other transactions between them, t2.nonce = t1.nonce + 1

About Züs

Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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