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File Sharing | Züs Weekly Debrief (October 13, 2021)

Chad Hanson
October 13, 2021
Decentralized File StorageNews & Updates


Welcome back to our weekly update! We had quite an exciting past week with the announcement of our collaboration with Huawei Cloud and Morpheus Labs via their Launchpad. In addition, we take a look into dev progress in anticipation of repos being released, including our system test repository. Along with a look into file sharing with Züs. We hope you enjoy it!

Sculptex’s Use Case of The Week: File Sharing

“This week we take a look inside how file sharing works on our platform.

When using Züs’ dStorage, the owner of a file or folder is able to upload and download files directly with their storage allocations. In order to inact file sharing with others, an authticket system was devised.

An authticket is simply an encoded string containing structured data with several variables. These include allocation id, owner id, client id (if sharing specifically with another user), metadata and various hashes that uniquely identify the file/folder being shared.

In the instance that a folder is shared, the recipient(s) of the authticket are able to access all files within that folder and any subfolders. However, encrypted files will only be accessible by users that the owner has explicitly used file sharing with using Proxy Re-Encryption as discussed previously.

Authtickets themselves are several hundred characters long, but for the purposes of portability, they are conveniently converted to app links which are much shorter and automatically launch the appropriate app on your device to access the authticket, such as 0Box app on mobile or web explorer on desktop. These app links simply resolve to the full authtickets.

Recently, authticket expiration has been added to our protocols. This allows time-sensitive content to be shared and will likely be a key feature for NFTs. Both the expiry and encrypted shares are controlled by the owner and encoded on the blobber side, so there is no way the authticket can be manipulated to bypass these.”

Non-Dev Updates

Züs joins Huawei Cloud x Morpheus Labs Launchpad

  • It has been an exciting week at Züs as we announced our collaboration with Huawei Cloud and Morpheus Labs to promote the adoption and growth of our dStorage network. Through this, we will leverage Huawei’s cloud infrastructure and Morpheus Lab’s BPaaS solutions to simplify the process of setting up a storage node, meanwhile providing a framework for accelerated onboarding onto Züs’ decentralized storage network.. We look forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks and months, including our webinar on Oct. 28 and upcoming hackathons!

Community: Sifchain AMA!

We will be hosting an AMA with Sifchain on Friday, October 15 at 11am PST in our Telegram. Feel free to drop questions for the Sifchain team in our Telegram. Do so over the coming days in anticipation of Friday’s event.

Content: App UX/UI, Sifchain Pool

The biggest developments this week are related to the Sifchain integration and app development. ZCN made a splash on Sifchain this week, building up a liquidity position of over $1M. As part of this, a tutorial was released to the Züs community, detailing how to leverage the Sifchain platform for bridging, trading, and pooling on their Decentralized Exchange. Additionally, some introductions were made to a very prominent app design company who have made contributions to the likes of Uber, Tinder, and Adobe. This company is exploring our 0Wallet and 0Box applications and determining how they can best improve the UI/UX of both.

The integration on Sifchain is important because it bridges us into the cosmos ecosystem, enabling low-fee trading and preparing us for our storage solution offerings to the most prominent blockchain ecosystems. The UI/UX development will be vital in not only maximizing the utility of our cloud and blockchain through two intuitive mobile apps but also aligning our messaging and themes with the new rebrand.

Development Team Updates


This week was another strong week for blockchain and smart contract performance improvements as well as improvements to internal processes. Every performance improvement works towards ensuring that our blockchain can scale with high load years into the future. Internal process improvements have been made with regard to test processes and tooling. The benefit of these changes will be less dev time spent on deployments and fewer bugs making their way into release candidates. Ultimately this means more time spent on important initiatives. The Züs system tests repository will be released to the public in the coming days. This should help demonstrate just how much progress has been made in recent weeks.


With the code approaching its final stages, the team continues to make adjustments to improve minor bugs. The team has improved its process for implementing future updates to the application via a pipeline for testing and emulation of potential updates. This enables the team to simulate updates in a more effective manner prior to pushing updates to the live application. We are close to finalizing the 0Box repo with small tests remaining. One of 0box’s main focuses is the ability for fast secure file sharing.


The 0Wallet team has finalized its features and testing has run smoothly for both 0Wallet for iOS and Android. Pending final tests, the 0Wallet repo will be ready for release in the near future. Similar to 0Box, we have implemented an improved pipeline to test and implement future updates.


While ongoing tests with a larger cluster size (more miners, sharders) took place over the past week, the team also worked on code optimization. This helps prevent leak issues that could cause frequent querying of sharders or unnecessary requests that could cause miners, sharders to slow down. The testing conducted on the nodes has been concluded with the team performing data review, pushing new code updates, and will continue to test.

About Züs

Züs is a high-performance storage platform that powers limitless applications. It’s a new way to earn passive income from storage.

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