Blobber Rewards Calculator.

Your Projected APR


Your Projected Annual Earnings

1.34m ZCN.

Your Projected Blobber Rewards.

Projected Total Active Storage on Züs.

12,000 TB

Projected Total ZCN Delegated to Blobbers.

72,000,000 TB

For more info on the Blobber Economics CLICK HERE [LINK TO ECONOMIC PAPER] to read the Blobber Economics Paper.

Your Projected Blobber Stats

Customize your Blobber's stats to calculate your projected share of the Blobber block rewards.

Your Total Active Storage
3,000 TB
1 TB
3,000 TB
Your ZCN Stake (Self-Delegation)
40,000 ZCN
1,000 ZCN
10,000,000 ZCN
Your ZCN Delegations
30,000 ZCN
10,000,000 ZCN
Your Commission Rate
6 %
0 %
50 %

Projected Züs Cloud Network Stats

Customize the stats on the Züs Cloud Network to calculate your projected share of the Blobber block rewards

Average Active Storage

300 TB

Per Blobber

Average ZCN Stake

30,000 ZCN

Average ZCN Delegations

40,000 ZCN

The Network Averages that you select above will affect your projected block rewards. If your stats are below the average, you'll receive less block rewards. If your stats are above the average, you'll receive more rewards.

Read About the Network Assumptions


These projected rewards are based on the existing Züs economic formulas. These formulas may be subject to change, which would significantly alter this calculator’s displayed projections. These projections make several assumptions that may not translate to reality. These projections are in no way a promise or guarantee of ZCN block rewards. This calculator is merely a tool to be used to understand how the Züs economic protocol operates and how it issues block rewards according to the various mathematical formulas outlined in this [Economic paper] [LINK TO THE ECONOMIC PAPER].