Decentralized Media Server | Züs Weekly Debrief  (May 25th, 2022)

Chad Hanson
May 25, 2022
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Happy Wednesday, I hope everyone is having a great week. This week, we have updates on multiple fronts. We continue to dive into our weekly dev team updates as they are pushing hard toward closing key PRs. Meanwhile, we look at Sculptex’s tutorial on how to set up a decentralized media server using Züs. The Business Dev team offers insight into ongoing planning. We strive to launch with an emphasis on providing storage solutions to a variety of users. As momentum is picking up on all fronts, it feels like a storm is coming 🌩 Let’s dive in!

Sculptex’s Corner: Decentralized Media Server on Züs

This week, the Sculptex tutorial shows the simplicity of setting up a decentralized media server using Züs as the underlying storage mechanism. Sculptex said, “following on from my media streaming demo, here is an example of how it could be quickly deployed ‘on-demand’ as a lightweight PoP, backed by our high-availability distributed decentralized storage. Distributed decentralized storage is not just for Web3!” You can find his instructions on GitHub but make sure to watch to learn how quick and easy it is to get started.

Non-Dev Team Updates

Fast-tracking enterprise decentralized storage adoption is critical in year one of our launch. As use cases and testimonials build, a cascade effect will play out, thus accelerating adoption. Enterprises generally are not trailblazers, however, the successful ones are often fast followers.

The Business Development Team of Adrian, Beau, and Rick are putting the finishing touches on their strategy to achieve rapid growth. The biggest pieces of the plan include ranking industry segments (verticals) that will be the most prosperous to target based on ease of adoption and the size of the prize. Difficult segments would include industries that are extremely risk-averse, highly bureaucratic, and smaller in (storage) size. An ideal target segment would include startups and industries associated with the blockchain/crypto space. As well as those managing and storing lots of data.


Building and scaling a mobilized, global sales force is another key objective towards adoption. A Co-Seller model will be the primary driver of this. Co-Sellers are individuals or companies that are super passionate about our Züs value propositions and have an established network, and a knack for sales. Becoming a Co-Seller only involves a simple registration process followed by the completion of training modules. This ensures you have a complete understanding of our tech, value props, and competitive advantages, along with our brand standards. The sales incentives (commission) earned in year one as a Co Seller can be as high as 25% of the annual sale for onboarding a new enterprise customer!

Not interested in Co-Selling? By simply referring an enterprise prospect to the Züs Biz Dev Team or to a Co-Seller, a referral incentive as high as 10% of the annual sale can be earned after closing the sale! There are still a lot of details to iron out regarding these exciting incentive programs. Stay tuned as The Biz Dev Team shares more with you in the coming weeks.

Development Team Updates

The dev team continues to make progress on multiple fronts. This week the blockchain team closed 9 PRs and 4 issues on the Züs repo. Last week, the team started work on 2 of the issues that were closed this week: our new allocation request PR and remove all blobbers list PR. Both of these PRs were previously approved, as mentioned in last week’s update. Following systems testing and resolving a few minor conflicts, these PRs were both merged into staging. A smart contract change was made in the owner ID PR which ensures that the owner_id configuration could be changed for decentralized storage smart contracts and interacted with via CLI tools.

A small bug was discovered in the events db when rewarding miners, sharders, and validators which has been fixed. To coincide with the ongoing changes, updates, and new smart contracts, the team has been refactoring REST APIs while also updating support swagger documentation.

Service Provider Payouts

The above PRs have been closed. The team continues to work on two issues that are nearing completion and merging. The first PR is for fixing the rounding error that was discovered some time ago. During a recent code review, the team encountered problems with the process which impacted Service Provider payouts. The team has discussed solutions and begun the implementation of a fix. At this time, the coding is complete and needs to undergo testing prior to merging. The second area of focus is an issue for syncing the events db. Recent changes to smart contracts call on the events db to be synchronous across all sharders in order to provide accurate data streams via API feeds. Current issues cause some loss of consensus on synching blocks. The team is implementing a fix that is nearing completion.

Blobber Updates

The blobber team closed an additional 3 PRs and 4 issues in the past week. The main PR that was closed includes limiting the files and directories number per allocation, which was discussed in last week’s update. This ensures that blobbers can run efficiently while serving a large number of allocations while preventing the over-use of node resources. In addition, the team is in the progress of fixing the challenge completion bug which was caused by API changes that were made to match other smart contract updates. This is currently undergoing code review and should be closed within the next week pending successful testing. Thank you for reading.

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